Thursday, 30 March 2017

Girly catchup

Hello. I've had a lovely afternoon with my friend Helen, and Henry choc lab. We had a girly catchup, took the dog a walk, and put the world to rights, as they say, over a mug of coffee. Basically we had a natter about what we have been up to since the last time we met, in January. 
She is having a de clutter, going from room to room and getting rid of things she doesn't want. None of it will be dumped in a skip or go to landfill, she is as passionate as I am about reusing, and recycling. 
I came home with four cushions which I will give to the church, some bed linen which I can use in projects, a small bread basket which can be sold on the cat stall, and a pile of magazines which I will read, then pass on to another friend to read, then they can go on the cat stall. So, nothing wasted. I included the clock in the picture, the one I rescued from someone at the tip, it keeps perfect time. 
I did a telephone interview this morning, a young lady is writing an article about the summer house for a  magazine called Modern Gardens. It is for the June edition which comes out sometime in May.

I hope you are all keeping up with your walking. I have had a few days off, but that's ok because I am ahead with the miles. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so one last push to boost your three month total. On Saturday's post, the 1st of April, I expect to see some good numbers. Don't let me down.

Thanks for popping in, that's all for now. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Makes my day when I get given things, I bet there will be loads of inspiration in those mags.

  2. I live in the US, but every time I visit my son in the UK, I have to restrain myself at the tip...I cannot BELIEVE what people throw out! Brand new or like new.....I am surprised he allows me to go with him.....

  3. You always surprise me with the way things come and go in your life, very kind of your friend to share.

  4. I would take the clock! I desperately need one just like that one.

  5. I do love a freebie, I am always looking on freecycle.

  6. What a great day.I've just looked up the magazine you are going to be in.It's looks like a really modern publication.They must have picked up on you being where it's at .Cool!

  7. Hi. I did 75 miles in March bringing my total so far to 214. Not loads but regular and every day so really pleased with that.

  8. freebies are good and glad you have a use for them. I'm going through my rooms lately too. Clutter has got to go. I did buy myself a quilt magazine today while shopping for groceries. Found a nice idea for fabric I have for granddaughter's quilt. I've been walking more. Didn't want to on Thurs as it was a stressful day but I did and it was good and a talk with husband, as he's gone for most of four days, late week. I walked by myself last eve. On my feet walking for a couple hours looking at plants with a friend and we bought some nice ones. Now I need to plant them soon. Now that the weather is nicer I'll be walking more and I'm over being sick, is back. It's good to have some sunshine once in awhile. Happy weekend!


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