Friday, 3 March 2017

Durham to Darlington

Hello. I feel like I've been trekking for ages, and it's only two days. A couple of blisters to deal with, but otherwise ok. Another 18 miles today.
I thought you might like to see some of the food on offer at breakfast this morning. The Radisson certainly know how to keep the customers happy. There's something for everyone. Pity some of the customers staying on business had to rush their breakfast, I was able to take my time and enjoy the food. 

Sorry there are not many walk photo's tonight, I did a lot of road walking, not a lot to see there. My route took me out of Durham on the A176 towards Darlington. The straight forward route would be to follow this, but I got off it and zigzagged on minor roads, looking to get away from the traffic noise. I went through Langley Moor, and Meadowfield, then got on a path and followed the River Wear which is the Weardale Way.   
This is the Croxdale Viaduct.

There was one section where a lot of young trees had been chopped down, I thought it looked so sad to see the short trunks, I suppose they will grow again. But then I came across this. They had used the wood to build up the bank to stop the field slipping into the stream. What a good idea to use natural materials.

I carried on along tarmac roads, through Spennymoor, Kirk Merrington, and Newton Aycliffe.

Tonight I am in the Holiday Inn just north of Darlington, next to the A1M. I was hoping to go a little further, but it had been raining since about 2pm, the walk through Newton Aycliffe was not very inspiring, it's a massive housing estate and an industrial estate. Luckily I passed a big Tesco so I was able to get some food for a picnic in my room. So, being a bit damp, and coming across the hotel I decided to call it a day at 5.30pm.

I had a phone call tonight from my cat sitter Janet, everything is hunkydorey there. Tomorrow I'm heading for Northallerton. I imagine there will be some difficulty in finding a bed for the night, being a Saturday night I think the hotels will be busy.

I'm going to watch telly now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Looks like you are enjoying your walk, sort of, but sorry you are getting wet. I'm enjoying your scenic photo's - hope tomorrow you have better weather :)

  2. Breakfast spread is very nice. Glad you took the tine to eat well.

    Glad you are warm and dry in a Holiday Inn. Why don't you try and book a bed for tomorrow night so you are assured of somewhere. I feel like you must have a decent place to rest and recover. Hope the weather holds. Glad your cat us o.k.

    Once again thank you for sharing your amazing walks with us.


  3. That spread is quite something...After eighteen miles I hope you enjoy your telly. Good luck tomorrow.

  4. Hi Ilona. You have just walked through my house hunting area. Property is incredibly cheap there and the scenery is stunning. Have you ever visited Newton Aycliffe or Stokesely? The scenery is beautiful and I have a spare bedroom if ever you fancy visitng the area.

    1. I didn't mean Newton Aycliffe... I meant Great Ayton. All my life I have said Newton Aycliffe when I mean Great Ayton.

  5. Sounds like a miserable trudge. Don't blame you for holing up early. Hope things look better today. Karen

  6. 36 miles in two days, you're amazing! I am the same age as you, have dithered all morning about doing two miles to the shops, then it poured down, so I didn't go. Now I'm so ashamed of myself and my laziness, I promise to do better, Illona, and follow your incredible example....well, not your mileage for sure, but two miles or a bit more I can achieve! Your pictures are really lovely, though all that mud doesn't appeal to me, I fall over too easily and just know I'd come a-cropper on one of those wet and muddy paths. Anyway, well done to you, at this rate you'll achieve your 1000 miles in half a year!

  7. Newton aycliffe certainly isn't the best of places, Darlington is quite nice though. Hopefully the weather this morning didn't spdeter you too much, it was awful. The journey to Northallerton is fairly scenic, did you go through Croft, Lewis Carroll is reputed to have lived there, Northallerton is a nice little market town.

  8. Wow - what a breakfast spread! Enjoy your adventures. Sarah.

  9. Hi, I've tried but can't get it,could you give a few pointers as how to use bike to calculate miles walked after my walk,that's when you've rested after your long walk . Really enjoying reading your progress. Thanks in advance. Susan.


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