Monday, 6 March 2017

Kilburn to York

Hello. No wonder I am knackered tonight, I've just checked on and I've done 22 miles today. I was rather hoping I could make it to York, and I have. I started looking for a hotel just before the ring road, and went in the Premier Inn, they wanted £85 which didn't include breakfast, that was another tenner. I thought that was taking the Mick, Premier is nothing special, a bit like Travel Lodge. I would have thought they could include breakfast for that price. I wasn't intending to walk much further but that spurred me on to find something better, and I have. I walked into the Youth Hostel, I have a private room en suite, breakfast included, for £42. That will do nicely. The receptionist said I would have to use the wifi in the communal areas, but I am sitting here on my bed and it works fine. Ooooh, it's lovely to put my feet up. 
I've had a brush with the law today, I was caught in a speed trap and the bobby said I was walking too fast, ha ha. No, he didn't just joking. He was out and about to catch drivers without their seatbelts on, and those fiddling around with their phones while driving. Pity we don't see more community bobbies out and about, he was lovely. 
It was a lot of minor roads today, I saw Mr Policeman at Coxwold, a lovely little village. Me being nosy peering through someone's gate.

It's amazing that so many small villages have such big churches. This is a whopper.

I stopped to admire this ivy covered house and a woman stopped to chat. She said it belonged to an old gentleman and it is for sale. I'm not so sure it is such a good idea to allow the ivy swallow up your house though.

A nice little B & B, how come I always come across them when I don't actually need one. 
This is the pond near Newburgh Priory.

The Priory isn't open today, the season starts in April.

I saw this marked on the map and thought it a strange name. Low and behold there is a sign for it. 
I arrived in Easingwold and picked up supplies at the Co op, and had a ten minute break. This car was parked outside a shop and the owner came out for a chat. He said he took it to a show at Harrogate at the weekend and they treated him like royalty with free tickets to get in. I certainly looks lovely. He showed me some pictures of a couple of vintage VW camper vans he has bought to do up.

A pub in Easingwold, quite a lot of black and white buildings round here.

I didn't take any more pictures after that, just got my head down and walked walked walked. I left Easingwold on the Stillington road and turned right to Hubey. That's a nice village. Bypassed Sutton on the Forest and went down a long track which turned into a tarmac road. I got chatting to a woman who advised me which roads to avoid as the traffic moves very fast on them. I took her advice and headed for Skelton, which go me onto the A19 into York. I was really beginning to struggle then, my feet were as sore as hell. I trudged on and made the decision to go to the Youth Hostel.

No wind or rain today, it was a great day for walking.

What does tomorrow hold? Well I am not about to give up, having come this far I have to finish it at the River Humber, at the bridge. I will check the maps if I can get off this bed, my legs have seized up. It would be great to finish it in two more days, so I will look at splitting the distance in half and see if I can find a bed in the middle. That's me being optimistic, it may have to go into Thursday.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.


  1. Well done Ilona. You are amazing. This is for you. Great achievement.

  2. Thanks for the lovely photos. So glad you found the youth hostel. A much better option than that over priced Premier Inn!

    Listen to your body dear Ilona. Take your time. You know we worry about you out here in blog land. Agree with justjill you are amazing.


  3. Sounds like you've had a really good day today Ilona .Looks a lovely area of the country.Hope you're feet recover after a good nights sleep - if not you'll have to call Hugo .Have another interesting day tomorrow - you're terrific x

  4. You're doing amazingly well. Lovely pictures. Your joke about walking too fast made me laugh. Enjoy the holiday (Ruth, Wales)

  5. So inspired by you, well done☺

  6. Take care of yourself Ilona! There's no shame in taking your time. Sorry your feet are bothering you. Do you think it's the distance? or your boots? I think it's nice how you make friends along the way. You have such a friendly face and disposition- I bet the people you wrote about meeting today are telling friends/family about the nice lady they met today too! :-)

  7. I've just looked up "bimble" and was surprised to find that it is an actual word! I honestly thought it was just a local made up word, well you learn something new every day. It's certainly something I've not heard round here. We just use "wander". You are doing extremely well, keep it up and I hope the weather is kind to you. I enjoy reading about your journey and viewing your interesting photographs. Jean

  8. WOW! THAT is a lot of walking! Good for you - and glad that you got a nice bed for the night - hope it's a good sleep.

  9. Thought you and your readers might find this interesting since it mentions Peep 'O' Days boys.'_Day_Boys

    Well done on your walking travels to date! It is an amazing feat... well two sore feet actually!

    Also thought your readers might be interested in why and how they name storms, after you recently had Doris and Ewan...

  10. Holy moly! What a feat to get 22 miles! Wow! Good for you, that is wonderful, and I love the photos. Thank you for posting when I imagine a snooze would be better ;). I am so proud of myself today, I am part of your walking group and I hit an all time record today...4.98 miles ;). Thanks again for your blog, it is such fun to be part of it.

  11. A ticket for walking too fast. hahaha. Another lovely photo day. That church is amazing.

  12. Keep going Ilona, you are doing so well.
    We are all with you in spirit.
    Love from Pam in Texas.xx

  13. Just as she said above!
    You are amazing!
    I greatly admire your spirit!

  14. Coxwold is a lovely place. Used to be a potters there Peter an Shiela (?) Dick. If you see any going in a charity shop, get it...nice to use and look at as well.

  15. Really enjoying checking in each day to see where you've got to Ilona! Well done, this is such an inspiring thing to do, makes me realise how lazy I am lol. Looks like a beautiful part of the country and everyone sounds really friendly. Hope you have a great day today.

  16. lovely photos of places I have ridden through. you are doing well. Hope those feet don't let you down.

  17. Well done Ilona. Really enjoying reading about your adventures. We had an enjoyable stay in the YHA in York. Fantastic isn't it. Must be one of the best we have stayed at. The house used to belong to the Rowntree family (if it is the same one).

  18. Wishing you luck in finishing the trip. You can do it. Waiting eagerly for the next post.

  19. Keep going you're almost there! What a lovely way to spend one's days .... walking around glorious countryside with fantastic views.


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