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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Shiptonthorpe to the Humber Bridge and finish line.

Hello, what a sunny morning, makes me want to get out there and walk, ha ha. Well possibly not today, I'll give my feet a rest. So, what happened on the last day. I had breakfast in the conservatory of the main house, after being picked up from the second house which is in the process of renovation. All the rooms are decorated to a high standard, but the kitchen facilities are not up and running just yet. The two properties are half a mile apart. 
The front entrance of the main house. There are seven rooms here and five more in the second house. It has a lovely homely feel to it and guests are made to feel very welcome. Robeanne Guest House web site is here, check it out if you are looking for accommodation between Hull and York.

On my way, last push for home. Big sigh of relief to see this sign, not far now.

 The A1079 bypasses Market Weighton but I walked through it on the shorter route. This is the statue of William Bradley, the tallest recorded British man that ever lived, at 7 feet 9 inches.

North Cliffe and South Cliffe are two tiny hamlets on a long straight road. They share this very big church. 
Between North and South Cave is the Wolds Prison.

My feet were beginning to get quite sore again, but on I went through the village, trying to ignore the pain.

The route then took me through Brantingham, Elloughton, Welton, Melton, and North Ferriby. Ladies getting stuck in to plant up the flower beds. I had to stop at Welton to take my boots and socks off and give my feet an airing. I was sorely tempted to dip them in the village duck pond but thought better of it, there might be nasties in there. You would think that taking a break would ease the pain, but it doesn't, it's just as bad when you get going again. Best to keep moving but slow up on the speed.

This is the pub at North Ferriby where Jo Brand stopped for a break on her One Hell of a Walk, just over a year ago. I was invited inside to join the crew for refreshments. How time flies. 
And finally, at the Humber Bridge just after five pm, waiting for a bus. I can't walk another step. The bus doesn't go through my village so Janet was there to pick me up a mile from home.

The day has begun with a soak, oooh, lovely. Only two blisters on my small toes where they got a bit squashed. It's amazing how soon my feet recover.

Someone asked what makes your feet sore. A combination really. Ill fitting boots, mine are a good fit, tight fitting and ankle support. Wrong socks, best try different socks, always two pairs thin and thick ones, change socks on a long journey. Depends on the type of surface you are walking on. Flat tarmac is comfortable for a while but as the soles of your feet become more sensitive you begin to feel small stones, and even the ribbing in your socks becomes painful.. Walking on flat mown grass is best, but there's not much of that around in the countryside. Rough grass with clumps means you never know what you are stepping onto. An uneven surface means your feet twist over to one side constantly and every step is agony if your feet are sore. Same with loose stones and small rocks, careful where you put your feet or it will hurt. Some people use walking poles to assist with balance, but I don't.

Well this walk has given me a boost towards 1000 miles, I don't need to walk at all for the rest of March. But of course I will. A couple of days off and I will be back doing my three mile route around the village. Walking is in my routine, I cannot imagine not walking. Hope your walking is going well, don't forget to check in on the first post of every month with your miles.

My accommodation was rather costly this time. In the past I have been worried about paying more that £40 for a room, but I decided I would make it easier for myself and say stuff it, I will stay wherever I like. There was one hotel I walked out of and walked a bit further to find cheaper. To have a high price for the room and then say breakfast is another ten pounds, was a bit of a cheek I thought. Yes the Radisson was the most expensive, but it was exceptionally gorgeous. It's a pity I couldn't take advantages of the facilities, there was no way I could do an hour in the gym, ha ha.

Booking in advance would get the cost down, but I can't do that on a long walk, it would be too much like walking to a timetable, something I like to avoid. The open countryside, go where I please is the attraction for me.

It's all done and dusted now. Maybe not another long walk for a while, maybe a car holiday, camping, bus pass holiday, who knows. I shall go where the fancy takes me. One last thank you to my house/cat sitter Janet, her kindness makes it possible for me to do this. I know I don't have to worry when she is in charge.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Congrats.i enjoyed following along. Excellent idea to just say stuff it about the cost. Even frugal people need to do that sometimes, if the cause is the right one.

  2. Of course, being frugal most of the time, allows you to just say , stuff it, without feeling out of character. Pet sitters are terrific friends/family. My niece stays with our pup, and they get along so well, and he is a pill to most people besides his family.

  3. Well Done Ilona! I have enjoyed coming along on another of your long walks but without the sore feet and blisters. You deserve to have a relaxing couple of days to recover.

  4. Well done to you, ilona. You are an inspiration. :)

  5. Amazing achievement, Ilona, well done! I have enjoyed reading about your walk and look forward to your next adventure. 6 miles for me today - battling the wind, that was quite enough!

  6. Congratulations! Glad for the great pictures and thank you again for posting along the way! A bit of a travelogue for those of us stuck at home or who have never seen the lovely countryside in England

  7. Well done! I enjoyed your walking tour very much. Thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts along the way. It is bitterly cold with blowing snow here in northern Canada, so long walks outside are not recommended this week. There are always stairs to climb though! Hugs from Barbara (Canada)

  8. Well done you!

  9. Brilliant achievement Ilona. Very well done. It is so kind of you to bother to take pictures and describe your surroundings whether the countryside or the accommodation - all very interesting and enlightening for those of us who are unable at present to visit these places. Some areas I have marked on a 'to do' list when I have less commitments. I am unfamiliar with this area but have visited York which was so beautiful and I would definitely like to return. I would imagine that a campervan holiday would be a good idea; you like driving, can go further afield, and after the initial expense of hiring one you could save a lot of money by self-catering etc. No doubt you will be exploring your options: your choice, you can do whatever you want. Amanda

  10. Very well done Ilona - what an achievement!! Hope you enjoyed it all (apart from the sore feet of course). Bet it's nice to be home though. Thanks for sharing your holiday. You have a lovely way of writing and expressing yourself and I have enjoyed coming along with you (virtually).

  11. Well done you are a star and I am full of admiration

  12. Congratulations! You have amazing stamina and I find you a total inspiration

  13. Congratulations, what a marvel you are?

    Expat here and I love going on your holiday with you because you take the time to post lots of photos, information etc.

    I really liked the last B&B you stayed at.

    Rest now, recover and treat yourself to some fish and chips.

    Hugs, Sandy

  14. You did amazingly well! So wise of you to buy those good boots which, I am sure, make all the difference in the world. I loved that you splashed out a bit on the accommodation and enjoyed being cossetted a little! Good job! JanF

  15. Well done Ilona! I've really enjoyed reading your travelogue adventures. I do hope you enjoyed too. Sounds like you have a brilliant friend in Janet and I do hope you feet are enjoying the rest and maybe a bit of extra pampering. Rae x

  16. very well done. we follow much the same route when we cycle to Hull from York so just seeing the names brought back memories. thank you. Hope your feet are soon back to normal.

  17. Brilliant Ilona. Wainwright would be proud of you. I've just been reading his words about his Coast to Coast walk..and namely how he hoped it would inspire others to devise their own routes and use their own initiative.
    You certainly did that.
    Very inspirational
    Jacquie x

  18. Wonderful account of your walk again. Enjoy your rest period before you start again. That bowl of soapy water for your feet looks delicious

  19. Really well done. So impressed and a little envious. x

  20. Get those feet soaked up good! I would have added a few tears I'd been so glad to see the lights of home. haha. Another lovely church. Thanks for letting us tag along. I love your walk-a-bouts. :)

  21. Well done Ilona, I feel sorry for your poor feet! My husband ran lots of marathons for many years, and he used to wear his socks inside out so that the seams were more comfortable. He says it worked. Jean.

  22. Well done, Ilona. Your feet had a well-deserved soak. xx

  23. Well done! Congratulations! I really have enjoyed your account of your trip.

  24. I love following you on these walks - and the photos whenever you get the chance.

    I've often wondered - do you ever wander (or have you wandered) further afield - say to Devon or Cornwall, or up to Scotland? What is it that makes you decide upon a certain area?

    Hope you enjoy a couple of days of well-earned rest.

    1. Hi Margie. My walking trips are usually in the north of England because I don't want to spend time getting to the start. I feel it's a day wasted so the beginning and end should be convenient to get to and from.

      I have had car holidays. To Salisbury, down to Dorset on the south coast, along the south coast, Devon, to Lands End at Cornwall. Took a short flight in a small aircraft to the Isles of Scilly.

      I drove to Scotland, Edinburgh, Perth, across to Oban, boat to Isle of Mull, boat to Iona. Scotland is to be avoided in the summer months due to midges.

      I took Rocky camping in Devon. I went walking in North Norfolk. All documented in this blog.

      If I do a walking trip I need the Ordnance Survey maps, I already have a lot so it makes sense to re use them rather than buying more.

      I will be doing another car holiday sometime this year.

  25. You are amazing! Next time get memory foam insoles for your boots. As a 35 year nurse my feet have suffered. The insoles got me thru heel spurs, broken bone, tendonitis, etc....
    If I ever get to the U K I'd love to walk with you!

  26. I was not able to comment for a while, but I followed your journey and I want to thank you for the wonderful photos and descriptions. What a great achievement! It shows what is possible with determination and of course your training by your daily walks. Congratulations!

  27. I have loved reading this. It felt footloose and fancy free with a good bit of common sense thrown in. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi we do as lot of walking but now do not walk so far each day and enjoy the walk two years ago we walked Canterbury to Rome 2000ks took just under 100 days.
    I am the samnsamned age as you my husband is 75. We are going walking next month Penzance to Dover

  29. So pleased that you are safely home and had a good feet soak Ilona. We have really enjoyed going along with you as usual, your descriptions and pics are so interesting. Loved the way you praised Janet as I am looking after my friends cats at the mo. My input means she can have 3 or 4 breaks a year.
    Wendy (Wales)

  30. Congratulations on finishing your walk Ilona. I wasn't really familiar with the geography and googled your start and finish- that's some achievement! Glad you're giving your feet a well earned rest, although I don't imagine you'll let them be too long.

  31. Thank you for taking us with you. Congrats on your walking. Natalie

  32. I love joining you on your walks! Thank you for sharing. Even if I had the fitness, the distance between places here is too far. I'd love to be able to walk around your part of the world. And as I can't, your blog does the trick.


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