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Sunday, 16 April 2017

A walk from Snaith to Selby

Good morning. It started off bright and sunny this morning so I went out and did my three miles, but Owain the weather man says it is going to cloud over and he was right, it is. 
I was in all day on Friday so yesterday I was ready to go for a walk. I had a 40 minute drive westbound to Snaith, which is a few miles past Goole. There is plenty of free parking at the Railway Station. It's a small market town dominated by the Snaith Priory. Just outside the wall of the Priory is the Town Lock up, a listed building. Methinks it would be very handy to have some modern versions of these in our town centre's. Read the blurb below.

Snaith has a small brewery. Pity it wasn't open, It would have been nice to sample the nectar. I like a glass of real ale now and again.

A brief history of the Priory. Here is a link to the Snaith home page which will tell you a bit more about it. 

Off I went a short distance up the road and over the River Aire bridge, and turned left onto a track in a field. This links up with the Trans Pennine Trail cycle route a bit further along. Turn left on the road. Ooooh look, I could do that job.

I had my lunch sat on a bench in the kids playground at Hirst Courtney. No one was playing, it was a bit cold, I didn't stay for long. Spotted this colourful fence opposite. Isn't it great. I love it that someone has a bit of imagination.

At Temple Hirst I continued along the Cycle Track and just before it crosses over the railway line I decided to turn right and take a farm track which runs almost parallel to the railway line, eventually crossing it a bit further up. The land is rather flat in these parts, mostly agricultural, and mostly crops. The wind whips across it and if the fields have been newly ploughed and it is dry, there is a chance you could be sand blasted. I wonder if the farmer has planted these conifers to give a bit of shelter to the fields. This is what happens if you don't trim back Leylandi, they grow to a massive height. Mind you, interspersed with some silver birch they provide an effective windbreak. Good job they are out in the middle of the fields and not in someone's back garden. 
I picked up the canal on the outskirts of Selby and followed it into the town centre.

Passing the bus station I noted that it might be too late to walk back to Snaith, so I checked the bus timetables. Yes, there was a bus in an hour, that will do nicely. The gardens look lovely.

A look round the Abbey. I once stayed in the pub next door on my first long distance walk, but didn't have time to explore. Now I can. There were a few tourists around, snapping away. 

There are more pictures and information on this site.

I was back in my car at 4.45pm and home by 5.30pm. It was a lovely walk, nine miles, luckily the rain kept off, but I'm not sure if my rosy cheeks are down to the wind or the sun. Nevertheless I have a healthy glow.

We have a sprinkling of rain now, and I want to go outside. I have an idea for a garden sculpture and I want to play with wood. It will probably brighten up shortly.

I hope you are having a fab Easter holiday. I had my bit of chocolate yesterday, not an egg, I don't want to pay for the fancy wrapping. A plain bar will do me.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Happy Easter Ilona and thanks for a great walk write up! You are so lucky to live somewhere you can see grass and trees...although you have to take the rain too ;). Greetings from the Sonoran desert in Arizona

  2. What a lovely walk for this time of year.Wonderful photos.- I sat for a while in the bluebells today and heard church bells in distance also walked past a lot of wild garlic.Lots of horses riders enjoying their morning and woodpeckers still tapping.Hope you have a happy day Ilona and your bloggy friends x

  3. Happy Easter Ilona. I did enjoy that walk you described so well and loved the fence and looking forward to whatever you are going to make next.

    Enjoy the day and rain has now come to my little piece of England near Heathrow.
    Hazel c uk

  4. If you had gone into one of the pubs in Snaith you would have been able to taste the beer from the brewery most of them sell it. I live nearby in Camblesforth so you would have come through our village to get back to Snaith :)

  5. I enjoyed your walk. Goodness that fence is brilliant and the flowers are lovely. Spring has barely started here in the Midwest. Bulbs are finished but my forgetmeknots are in full bloom.

    Happy Easter and you earned that chocolate bar.


  6. Happy Easter Ilona. Loved the photos of the Selby Canal. I have some lovely memories of spending a week there on my boat a few years ago. Kristel

  7. Happy Easter Ilona. I think Tourism UK should pay you a handsome fee for your write ups. Reading about your journeys stirs the urge to go to the UK and see some of the wonderful sites you have featured.

  8. Lovely as always! The church is amazing. Thanks for letting us tag along once again.

  9. What a lovely walk you had. Thanks for sharing links to read about the places you visited. When I first spied the colorful fence, I thought they were candles. I'm a bit tired. Up for church, then Easter lunch for the 3 of us. Then I drove out to the tulip farm and I wandered around there for a couple hours. Took photos. It's so pretty there and I go every year. Bittersweet as years ago my mom and I went out there on Easter and it was so chilly. Today it was 67 deg F and cloudy and didn't wear a coat but a folded one was in my backpack camera bag. We had chocolates from House of Dorchester, UK.fine chocolates. The wrappers had old style Easter rabbits on them. I gave a set to our son's family that had chickens on them, as they raise chickens. So delicious! I bought them at a store I frequent. Have a good week and hope you had a good day. Take care!

  10. Ilona - I saw this article today and thought it might interest you as he is a great walker as well as being an artist.


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