Thursday, 20 April 2017

Along the River Ouse from Goole to Howden

Hello. I seem to be picking the right days to take a walk at the moment. Today is cold and dull so a day indoors, yesterday started sunny so time to go out. The River Ouse meanders through Goole with footpaths running along both sides of it, so I parked in Goole and set off towards Hook. 
I prefer curly rivers rather than dead straight canals, the only thing is you have to make sure you are on the right side of it because sometimes there are not many bridges to cross over. 
 Half way between Goole and Hook is this park. The bank alongside the river is built up so rather than being dead flat there are lots more features to view. 
A massive cemetery just past the park, graves as far as the eye can see. All very well kept and tidy.

Looking to my right the Doncaster-Hull railway line crosses the river.

I passed lots of big houses with fine views of back gardens, some of them very elaborate. A few people seem to have extended their gardens onto the river bank, by mowing the grass and putting up fences. I don't know if they legitimately own the piece of land backing onto their property, or they hope to claim it one day by looking after it. Perhaps they just like things tidy around them. I feel as if I am walking through private property. Almost at the end of the houses right on the bend in the river is this picnic bench. It marks the spot where the ferry used to cross to Howdendyke on the other side. A convenient place to stop for ten minutes.

The river does a u turn at this point and goes underneath the M62 motorway. 
On the left hand side before the motorway is Westfield Lake. It would be nice to take a walk around the lake, but as you can see it is closed and there is a chain and padlock on the gate.  I won't be waiting two hours for it to open.

Now I am on the stretch between the M62 bridge and the Boothferry Swing Bridge. I can see a long line of traffic stationary on the roads approaching the swing bridge. Looks like this was the boat that they were waiting for to go through while it was open. Shame I didn't get there a few minutes earlier, I would have liked to see it opening and closing.

Never mind, here is the Boothferry Bridge close up. When this was built the ferry boat stopped running. I have crossed the river at this point to continue on the opposite bank.

I don't know if there is anyone up there in the control tower watching me. 
Great piece of engineering, built in the late 1920's. Here is a bit more information about it.

Now with the river on my left I continued along the bank. Now it's make my mind up time. Check how much time I have left and work out a suitable distance which will get me finished by around 5ish. Turning right along a track towards Asselby.

Reaching the road in Asselby I turned right to Knedlington. This is Old Hall, a four bedroom property and a grade 2 listed building. It was previously for sale in 2013.  I didn't see any signs of life, so I wondered if it was sold.

Don't you just love the dark pink colour of these blossoms. 
I trekked on to Howden. The Minster can be seen ages before you get there.

I love quirky houses and gardens. The occupants clearly love flowers and colour. All artificial except the green bush. It's right next to the Minster so everyone sees it. 
I had decided to go back to Goole by bus. I found the bus stop but there was no timetable to be seen. I asked at the Post Office, they sent me to the Butchers shop, I asked two ladies in the street and they thought it might be 4.30pm. I found the Town Council Office and they came up with the confirmation that it was 4.28pm, which gave me half an hour to bimble. A couple of photo's.

Howden seems like a nice place, probably worth another look when I have more time. So, a nice day out, nine miles walked and interesting stuff to see.

I'm off to the WI in Reepham near Lincoln tonight to listen to Jordan Cox talking about money saving. Looking forward to it. Here he is on the BBC website. 

Thank you for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. Another really interesting walk. Love the quirky houses to.
    Hope you enjoy WI and Jordan Cox tonight.
    Hazel c uk

  2. I enjoyed seeing your walk Ilona and video.Think I walked along the River Ouse near Godmanchester once and dropped my new fleece near a bridge-I went back and found it and chatted then to a lovely old chap who was a local. I'm quite excited about your visit to see Jordan he seems great- very interesting .I wish I was going x

  3. Great walk and lovely to see the Old Hall again - a place where I have often stayed in my youth! My grandfather was born in Barmby on the Marsh, up the road from Kned. My mother often visited her grandparents and became great friends with the children across the road. 2 of the brothers, with a sister as housekeeper, had a different farmhouse in Kned (now demolished)but moved into the Old Hall in the sixties. I remember seeing the entrance to a secret underground passageway when the house was being renovated. It was said to have been used in the 1640s during the civil war! I'm pleased to see on your link that the oak panelled room is still there, although in my day it was a dining room, but some of the rooms are now unrecognizable. Our connection with the Hall continued well into the 1990s and with the brothers and sister until they died. I believe that the Hall was built when the surrounding farmland was drained by Dutch engineers and the influence of their architecture can be seen in the shape of the gable ends. I must be getting old but thanks for triggering this trip down memory lane!

  4. Another scenic adventure...I see more of the country now than when I was there years ago thanks to you!

  5. Nice day to walk. I recognise your route as the train goes in that direction to Hull. How interesting to read the comments from the lady who commented above about the hall. I' m sure I remember you saying about it being for sale a couple of years ago.

  6. enjoyed reading this as I have cycled that way a number of times. wasn't far from there at the weekend

  7. Looks like a lovely walk with lots of interest. Particularly like Howden Minster and its beautiful stained glass window. Sarah

  8. How wonderful to see a swing bridge still in action. Great walk.