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Friday, 14 April 2017

Fun with Lego.

Hello. It's business as usual here at Tightwad Towers over the Easter period. More photo's in the pipeline, more shopping bags to make, more walking to do, and some lounging in the garden when the sun comes out. I did a yellow sticker shop on Wednesday night and struck lucky, the fridge is full. I had intended to do a £40 shop so I could use a £6 off voucher, but after filling the trolley with reductions, which only came to £9 something, I knew I would have no chance of reaching the target. No point in wandering round the shop trying to decide what to buy when I didn't actually need anything else.
Here are the last few photo's from my visit to Hull on Tuesday. I remember Lego as being quite basic when I was young, it consisted of bricks and flat pieces to stick the bricks onto. Nowadays there is a lot more variety in the shapes it comes in, and you can construct almost anything with it, including flowers. The daffodil display was very popular, especially with the kids who could meander between them and pretend to water them with the Lego watering can.  

Have a little titter at this.

The City of Culture exhibits are spread out in different locations, so the Land Train was handy for those who would rather ride than walk.

Dancing fountains are advertised as being in the city centre but I couldn't find them. I asked a volunteer who said that they had done a trial run and the drainage was found to have a problem, so they are under repair at the moment. They should be working soon. There are cars filled with sand down at The deep, but I didn't have time to go and see them, maybe next time.

Enjoy your weekend, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. What a fantastic scene of daffodils, so bright and cheerful. I have just given a couple of great, great nieces and nephews by children's Lego and yes they were very basic but they were happy with the two big ice cream tubs full of them.

    Hope you have a nice Easter Ilona and we get some sunshine.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Looks like a sunny day for your Hull visit. The daffodils look pretty don't they. Why aren't I surprised that there are no dancing fountains ? Lol. Your photo's are all lovely.

  3. I like the original Legos best when kids really had to imagine and create. Now there are too many expensive kits with directions that kids put together and then are done. The displays are cool.

  4. I saw a clip on the tv about the lego daffodils. Great! Natalie

  5. You have so many interesting things to do there. Last night we went to an art center, over an hour away, to see a photography exhibit my husband had entered. He won several different prizes. It's nice to do something different once in awhile. You must be in a culture center what with all the diversity you showcase. The logo video was fun!

  6. I love those daffodils. The sight of them would cheer anyone! JanF

  7. I think kiddies will love the Lego toilet video and some big kids as well x

  8. It's interesting seeing Hull in its special year. Love the daffodils. Thanks for sharing. Sarah

  9. James May did a programme about Lego and there was a full sized toilet. Love the little bricky daffs. xx

  10. Not sure about the toilet. The daffs are lovely though. Karen

  11. Lego daffodils are pretty. I thought the mobile toilet video was funny. My daughter laughed as we watched it together. She grew up building with Legos and now she buys them for her niece and nephew. Looks like a nice day out for you. Have a happy Easter!


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