Monday, 8 May 2017

A walk from Filey back to Hunmanby.

Hello. Here is the last part of my two day walk in East Yorkshire. The weather has stayed dry, it has been sunny, but it is oh so windy on the coastal path. 
Filey is the start/finish point of three long distance paths, the Cleveland Way, Yorkshire Wolds Way, and the Centenary Way. This is the monument which marks the spot. I have done most of the Cleveland Way, parts of the Yorkshire Wolds Way, and a little bit of the Centenary Way. 
I set off through Filey Country Park along the coast, and was battling the wind along the Cleveland Way. I had it in mind to walk to Scarborough, but when I got to the holiday park at Gristhorpe Cliff, more caravans, I decided I'd seen enough of the sea, and turned inland down a track which led to a road. It was a relief to get out of the wind. I crossed over the A165 and walked through the village of Lebberston.

I got to a crossing over a railway line, the gate was shut but not locked, and I didn't know if I was allowed to go through the gate and walk across. There was a sign which said phone signalman for permission to open the gate. I guessed that might be for cars wanting access to the other side. I was pondering because there was a sign which said no trespassing on the railway, wondering whether to dash across. Just at that moment a signal lady stuck her head out of the cabin door and said I could cross.

A few yards further on I saw this unusual house at Lingholm Farm, I wondered if it might have been a church at some point.

I walked past Magdalen Grange Farm, and over the River Hertford, and came across this picnic area which someone had spent a lot of time planting and tidying it up. A sheltered little haven.

I crossed over the A1039 road, and joined the Yorkshire Wolds Way. This was sheer heaven as it was in a valley and sheltered from the wind, and lovely and warm in the sun.

I reached a road and the quickest way back to Hunmanby would be to turn left on it, but it was very busy with cars whizzing by, and no footpath. I decided I had time to take the long way round and carried on along the footpath.

There was a hill to climb out of the valley and I did a u turn along the Centenary Way which joined up with the fast road closer to the village. Oh boy, the wind blasted me again, I was cold through to the bone. It was a long straight stretch past Field House Farm to the road. Lovely views mind you. Love that yellow.

It was nice to get back to my car and sit in the warm for a few minutes before I set off for home. I sent a text to Janet, my lovely house/cat sitter, to let her know my estimated time of arrival. The journey took a bit longer than I thought because I popped into Morrisons at Beverley as I was passing, and managed to get a few yellow stickers, ha ha. It was 16 miles for this walk, so a total of 27 for the two days. That's given my challenge a little boost.

I have emailed the nice couple from The Poplars camping and caravan park, at Sewerby, and they got back to me, Their names are Sarah and Russ, so if you fancy having a look round the area and need accommodation, they also do B & B, give them a shout.

I am planning my next trip which will be to the other side of the country, North Wales beckons. I have a list of places I want to visit, just sorting out the order in which to do them. I won't be booking any accommodation, preferring to be flexible. Weather permitting I would like to go up Snowdon. and visit  Anglesey.

Right, it's Crafty Club time and I have to get ready, so I'll sign off now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Great photos!,Its great to get away now and again.Me and Hubby are away at the weekend,just overnight but we have arranged 2 more trips for July and October,2 nights away to Brighton.I dont like going for any longer because my 5 cats miss me and get the hump as soon as they see my backpack come out,lol.My mam comes in and feeds/fusses them while we are away.Hope you have enjoyed your morning at your Crafty Club,Debi,Leic,x

  2. Hi Ilona, glad you had a nice few days away and the weather kept dry even thou it was cold. Pleased you had a good morning.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Looked like a lovely walk Ilona-I like the monument.Bit risky crossing a railway track.I live near a steam railway track and the sign just says ,stop look and listen.I don't go that way often as then I have to sling my legs over the stile and it's just too exhausting.
    Thanks for your interesting posts of your trip,I really enjoyed reading it.Your camper car was a great success by the sound of it-just a bit more padding on the bed or yourself x

  4. you are getting some great mileage in Ilona.

  5. Glad you had a good break. Looks like an interesting and beautiful area. Sarah


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