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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Good girly

Hello. Heidi has been to see Marian the vet today for her six monthly check up. Marian is pleased, she has lost a little weight, but that's ok because she was a bit chunky. Her gums are pink, a good sign, and her heart is ok. We discussed a blood count but both agreed that she didn't really need one because she appears to be in good spirits. We know she has a blood disorder, and the tablets are helping to stabilize that, so no need to put her through more stress. 
So, we carry on as we are. The tablets are not expensive, £6 a month and she is used to taking them now. I lift her on the worktop, wrap her in a towel, she doesn't struggle but the towel tells her what is going to happen next. I open her mouth and pop it in. To encourage her to swallow I squirt a few drops of water in with a syringe. She gets some of her favourite food for being a good girly. Not a typo, they are both my girly's. 
I've done a bit more on this project today. It's the frame for the embroidered circles. Still a lot more work to do on it but it's coming together nicely.

Yoootooob is wonderful for planning a holiday, I am checking out some places for my next trip. The drone footage being posted is very useful for ideas. Google maps are great as well for checking terrain and footpaths. I love sending the little man on a walkabout. I shall be driving to North Wales, there is such a lot to do and see over there. I will be doing some walking and looking at interesting places.

Just a short one tonight, I'm going to watch How to live mortgage free, on Channel 4, it airs on a Wednesday night and I catch up with it any time after that. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. What a good girl Heidi is. It takes 2 of us to hold our ex-feral girl to get her to swallow a tablet. It's almost impossible. We tried the towel method but with ours it seems to be the quicker it's done the better so we don't bother with the towel now - we do as the vet does and "scruff" her whilst she's sat on the table - she's not an easy cat - in fact she bites - so this is the quickest and least stressful way.
    That programme is interesting on how to live mortgage free but I feel in some cases all is not as it seems - yes they might be mortgage free but have built on their parents'land etc. - i.e. more lucky than most to obtain a free building plot. Some cases have been through hard work though and well deserved.

    1. I didn't know about "How to Live Mortgage Free" until I saw Ilona's post. Have watched all 4 episodes and you are right about building on Mummy and Daddy's land. You could build a house for a fiver (slight exaggeration there!) but if you don't have the land to put it on you are in trouble. Like you I had the utmost respect for the ones who have got their land through clever thinking and hard work - the brownfield ex-reservoir site was a perfect example and I did admire the girl who took on the Dutch Barge.

      Looking forward to the next episode on Wednesday. Thanks for the heads up Ilona xx

  2. I use Greenies chicken-flavored pill pockets for my black and white cat who could pass as your girls' brother. He thinks they're treats and chews them right up. No fuss. I hope your cat continues to do well.

  3. I am very happy for you that Heidi's visit to the vet went well today I know what a worrying time it can be.She does look well.My doggy has a tablet and he spits them out even when hidden over and over again.I understand that some cats are even more difficult than dogs x

  4. I have never had a problem giving any of our dogs a pill, it's all over in a few seconds, but the dog we have now goes berserk. We have had to resort to giving him his pills in food.
    Easy peasy again, which is how I like it.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. So pleased Heidi is doing well. I have just had to have my 16 year old boy Charlie put to sleep - it never gets any easier!! Hey ho
    I still have the semi-feral cat to look after and maybe now he is an 'only' cat he will become more friendly.SueM

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your old boy Charlie,it is the most heart wrenching time -but in animals years 16 is a good long life x

  6. Glad your little girl is doing well. Natalie


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