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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky.

Hello. Nice morning again. This is something I am going to play around with, decorating a horseshoe. I've had this one for 20 years, it was here when I arrived at this house. It was nailed to the front of the garage, then fell off, and lay around for another few years. 
I read that Bransby Horses, a rescue near L:incoln, sell lucky horseshoes to make much needed funds. They are decorated with embellishments and made to look pretty. So this got me thinking, what could I do to my horseshoe to tart it up a bit. 
It was rusty so needed some kind of abrasion to get rid of it. I don't have the equipment or the patience to do that, but I know a man that can. 
Stan the Library man has come up trumps. He is into restoring cars and motorcycles and has all the equipment needed to buff up a piece of metal. This one was in a sorry state, but look at it now, Stan has worked his magic. It looks beautiful, very tactile, I want to stroke it. It hasn't been painted, just buffed with an electric wire brush. The rust has gone, and revealed a textured shiny surface. 

My first thought was to cover it in fabric or wool, but it is too nice for that. Stan says if it is left outside it will go rusty again, so I think it would be a nice decoration for a horsey abode, or even in someone's kitchen.  Another project waiting on the sidelines to be completed.

Someone mentioned that their comment did not appear. Just to remind everyone, they don't automatically appear on the blog when you hit the publish button. They come into my 'moderation box', first. I get to read them before I hit the publish button. This may not happen immediately because now that the weather is getting better I am starting to spend less time on the computer. Although it's nice that readers are able to speak to each other through the comments, it is not like a forum when responses come more quickly because several people are online at the same time. Replies on the blog take a bit longer to appear.

There is still time to add your walking miles to the post on the 1st of May, in fact you can do that at any time. Thank you to those who have done so already.

Again a nice start to the day, so I don't want to waste it, I'm off outside. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Lovely...Myself, I would likely enjoy it on my wall as is, but...

    maybe some much smaller versions of you beautiful "circles" from previous post, attached with a knot through each of the holes?

  2. or...

    some kind of little "hooks" inserted in the holes, to hang oven mits or kitchen dishtowels on?

  3. Remember not to turn it upside down or the luck will fall out. Sarah.

  4. My other half informed me some time ago that rusty metal, once cleaned like your horse shoe, will not go rusty outside if painted with Hammerite. It can be painted or sprayed and I think, comes in various colours. My friend has a couple of old metal items which he treated this way years ago, and they still look as good today as they did when first done. Jean.

  5. I love the idea of this! Could you paint it like bargeware?

  6. Crikey, that's a big one ! Wonder if it belonged to a shire horse. What a brilliant job your friend Stan has done too.

  7. I think you have got a wonderful outlook on life.I think we are so lucky that you share some of it with us.It certainly helps me,to read your blog.Hope you're lucky with the weather when you decide to trial your camper car.I'm hanging on a bit as I don't want 3 wet dogs for days on end in a caravan.Sunshine will soon be here x

  8. That horse-shoe will rust in the house because of the humidity in the air. You will need to coat it with something, maybe a varnish, polyurethane, lacquer or shellac. Not sure which would be the best product for the job but diffidently nothing water based. I see something hanging from it. Will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  9. Isn't there something somewhere about displaying horseshoes upwards like a cup to be filled with good luck ? X my mum always kept one indoors on the wall for just that reason X Col xx

  10. A horseshoe nailed up over the door on the inside is considered good luck by some. I have one over my front door, open side up. It's not decorated.

  11. I hate to inform you, but that horseshoe will rust just lying around in the house. Ask the guy who fixed it what to spray it with. He may save you the trouble of buying a whole spray bottle and do it for you for a little bit of nothing or a trade. Hurry before it starts to rust again.

    1. Would a bit of waxy polish do the job?


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