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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Destination Settle.

Hello. It's been a hot one today. I had a leisurely start, no need to rush, I'm on holiday. Across the M62, north on the A1, and turn left at Wetherby to Settle. I made a stop on the way at Harewood village, and did a five mile walk which I found in Country Walking magazine. There was a small map and detailed directions which were easy to follow. The route circled the park without actually entering onto the Harewood estate. I didn't go to see the Hall because I walked by it on a previous walk. The first part was a woodland walk. As it is a Sunday there were a lot of people about. It was nice and cool under the shade of the trees. 
The cows are free to roam and weren't a bit interested in us humans passing by.

A pond with a weir and an ornate stone bridge was a good spot to picnic. Those huge leaves are like umbrellas.

Time for a sit down in the shade for a bite to eat. Home made cheese sandwiches.

These two lovely ladies are Margaret and Sheila. Never met them before but we had a right good natter. They were sat on a bench and moved up so I could sit down.

I got back to the car and continued my journey, arriving in Settle at 4.30pm. Once checked into the B & B, I went walkabout to explore a little. The landlady told me of a path up to Castleberg Rock which is directly behind the B & B. It twists and turns up a steep woodland path, opening up to a viewing area at the base of a flag pole. The rock is popular with climbers and two girls were hanging from a rope abseiling down. I could see the whole town from the top, fantastic views. 

There is a plant pot festival on at the moment in Settle, lots of decorated pots all over the place. Some of them made into figures. It's on until the end of August so still plenty of time to see them if you fancy a visit.

There are lots of cobbled streets and hidden narrow allyways.

Fabulous shop window.

These models were outside a shop which was closed. Brave to leave them out all night I thought.

Who would have thought that you could make a giant spider out of pots. It was on the side of a house, quite high up.

Now it's time to plan a route for tomorrow with the maps, so I'll sign off now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. What lovely photos. Looks like you're having a great time. Hope tomorrow stays fine for your walk.

  2. I love Settle, tho its many years since I was there. Enjoy.

  3. Enjoy your holiday Mean Queen:)

  4. Looks lovely Ilona, enjoyed seeing the pics:)

  5. Looks like a fun day out. I hope the weather holds as you continue, and thanks for bringing your readers along. PS: love your shoe and boot collection!

  6. What fun! I love all the pots and flowers!

  7. You are beginning a wonderful trip! Those pots are fabulous.

  8. Smashing piccies Ilona - looks a wonderful place to be x

  9. What a fabulous town! LOVED that spider, so cleverly done. I can see you will have a wonderful holiday as always, and can please yourself about stopping for a walk on the way. Not a luxury we ever had with our kids as our camping trips were often up in Scotland or Northumberland or somewhere which took all day to reach. I look forward to reading more about your holiday.

  10. Beautiful views Ilona and love, love those flower pot figures, what a great idea I expect to see one in your garden soon.

    Enjoy your few days away.
    Hazel c uk

    1. Good idea, I might just do that. I have spare pots.

    2. Your comment moderator is on hooray! Due to my inexperience, the only way I can communicate with you is when it is on, and I have been eager to do so on two occasions in particular. One was when you wrote about your cat and tablets, and the other was when your took your trip to Wales. It brought back so many memories, my time there at university, the holiday trips, field study courses, youth hostelling, and our trip up through Anglesey to go to Ireland on our walking tour down the East coast, back in 1970. Anyway, back to today. Your walk looks lovely and the weather too. By the way, the plant with the large leaves is Gunnera manicata, it grows on a lovely camp site we go to in Devon. Those plant pots are such fun. I've seen them like Bill and Ben before, but never this elaborate, I love the spider. Like someone else said, with your flair for paint and fun, I expect to see something similar at Tightwad Towers soon. Enjoy your holiday, I look forward to following your travels and seeing your lovely photographs. Jean.

  11. Ooh, I love your holiday blogs, Ilona! Have funxx

  12. It looks beautiful Ilona, and what a fabulous view over the town from Castleberg Rock. X

  13. Lovely photographs. The view of Settle is interesting and the plant pot spider is just great. Enjoy your holiday. Sarah

  14. Loved all your photo's and all the views. Yes, Settle is a lovely place - I was there last year visiting my Brother/wife and one of their daughters also lives there; hoping to go back later this year. Looking forward to tomorrow's pics. BTW - Loved your block post. I checked my library on-line and they have a copy of that book which I hope to pick up this week :)


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