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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Like mother like son.

Hello. The lady who took two of Heidi's kittens sends Janet update photo's of how they are getting on. They absolutely adore Archie and Alfie, and the cats absolutely adore each other. Here they are snoozing on the shelf above the radiator. Now where have I seen a cat dangling it's back leg and tail over the edge before? 
Aha, mummy Heidi of course, she does the same thing.

These two are inseparable, they have a blissful life together.

Has anyone seem Mayze? She is very difficult to find. Sometimes I search the whole house. Then I think she is outside, and after looking all round the garden several times, there she is in a new hidey place in the house.

There are two lots of water outside the back door. This morning I found Mr Frog was enjoying a soak. An hour later he had hopped away.

Helen asked what did I use to stiffen the new sun visor.
Quote from the post
Remove the fabric, cut through the stitches with nail scissors. Underneath it is pink, the original colour when I bought it new for 50p a few years ago. 
Answer - I used the old sun visor. 

 This is the first covering it had.

Then it had the pink one.

 Now it is purple. It's the same one covered three times.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I feel so silly now,I never thought about trying to cover my older sun visor.I bought a new one recently -£8 reduced from £16.It was one of those outdoorsy shops.What a silly billy I am.Heidi and her kitties are so happy it is heartwarming.My little m d does the same as Mayze and I hurry from room to room looking for him calling as I go and no answer -cheeky man but I only have to sneak a treat for myself and he's there .I too have baby frogs in my garden-I had just returned from holiday and saw a tiny one hopping in the grass and lots of large slugs at night x

  2. Oh what gorgeous kittens! Sometimes I look through your videos Ilona - esp. the ones with the kittens playing - are these 2 from that litter? They've struck lucky!!

    1. Hello. Yes, the 'Kitties playing', video are Heidi and her four kittens. They have struck lucky. I believe the other two went to a nice house as well.

  3. I know the feeling when one of the cats goes missing. Rupert sometimes goes walkabout, only for a short time but enough for me to panic, I'm sure he's within ear shot but decides not to answer. I can't tell you the relief when he saunters through the gate.

  4. Lovely kittens. I love cats. I had 2 lovely boys that lived to a ripe old age. Sadly lost them both 6 months apart. Still heartbroken 2 years on x

  5. Hi if you were wanting to make a sun visor you could use an old marge icecream tub an cut out the shape and go from there

  6. So sweet! I love the frog, too. We don't get many of those anymore, sadly.

  7. What beautiful kitties. How old are they now? I've had kittens in twos at a time, and twice they have been real brother and sister. I love to see them cuddled together like this, which they do for months, but then they seem to grow out of it and just sleep next to each other, not actually cuddling. Sooo cute. Jean.

  8. Fantastic photos of the kittys!!.Its great when you know that they have gone to a loving home and are so well looked after.Your photo of Mayze made me laugh!.They sit there,hearing you call their name and when found,look at you as if to say...Whats the problem?,Lol.Love your frog photo too.The only wildlife i seem to get in my garden is bees,who spend all day buzzing in my lavender and big slugs who like to eat my plants!!,For the last few years ive been crushing up every egg shell we have because its sopposed to deter to slugs,but they seem to crawl all over them.My soil is covered in egg shells..but i think that the slugs in my garden use it as exfoliater and invite all their friends round for free beauty treatment,lol,Debi,Leic,x

    1. I exfoliate my face Debi,perhaps ground up egg shells would work-well perhaps not the face,but possibly feet x

  9. Smashing photos and update! Natalie

  10. Lovely photo's of the cats. I would be interested to know about Heidi - how many kittens she had and how long you have had her? I love cats. We have always had cats, rescue cats that have "found" us. Our latest rescue cat (husband brought him home from his workplace where he had been living for a couple of years rough - cat not husband!!). At first he got along fine with our 2 cats. Then he decided to start chasing our male cat. That all stopped and they are now best of friends but he was started chasing our small female. They do not fight thank goodness but I think he is just being territorial. We've tried the usual "Feliway" and spraying him with water but it has gone on now for a few weeks. I would be very grateful if you have any suggestions on the matter. Thank you.


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