Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Day 1 Carlisle to Mosedale

Hello. Apologies for not posting last night, I was in a farmhouse B & B with no WIFI. I had a lazy night watching tele. 
So let's catch up. Yesterday was day one. I left the hotel in Carlisle at 8.30am, and made my way to the river. I had already sussed out where it was the day before, I had time for a walkabout after I checked into the hotel. The plan was to take the Cumbria Way path, following the river. I wanted a good start and a fast walk, easy to follow the river, or so I thought. I did the first couple of hours without a map, another reason to follow the river, I didn't want to buy another map. 
All was going well when I stopped to chat to two walkers going in the opposite direction to me. We discussed where we had come from and where we were going. Then they dropped the bombshell. Further along there was a bridge over the river missing, it had been swept away eighteen months ago, and they were only just building a new one. That meant a diversion had to be taken, they pointed it out to me on the map. They also said it was not very well signed, and the ground was very boggy.
I carried on and came to the construction site. 

 I decided to modify my route and chose a different route, by walking on the road. I came off the Cumbria Way and did a combination of road and path, which took me to Hesket Newmarket. Originally I thought I might head for Caldbeck as that seemed like the favourite stopover point for walkers, but it was too early, so I carried on further.

This is the village shop/tea room, and Post Office at Hesket Newmarket. I picked up some supplies here. It's a smashing village, they have a B & B, but again it was too early for me to stop. I had some phone numbers with me of possible places where I might find a bed, so I rang a farm which was five miles further on. Yes, she said, they can accommodate me.

So off I set at 3pm. The easiest and most straight forward route was along a very quiet minor road. Plenty of sheep about, and hardly any cars. I was able to walk at a fast pace along the tarmac. My first close sighting of the Lake District.

It's beautiful, love the streams rushing down hill. The weather was ok, a few light showers but they lasted only a matter of minutes.

The B & B was a busy working farm. I was shown to my room which was accessed through a separate door to the rest of the house. The furnishings were rustic and farm like, it had real character. Sadly no WIFI.

That's what happened yesterday. 19 miles walked. There aren't many pictures because my batteries for the camera are either not holding their charge, or the charger is not charging them as it should.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. It looks lovely Ilona.I haven't been to the Lake District for ages.I walked at Newmarket once and I remember the walk took me alongside the racetrack one Saturday whilst the horses were running.It's getting very windy here and I hope if it's the same where you are tomorrow the weather's helpful x

  2. When you are back can you please do a post on your walking clothes and boots . I am going on a walking trip. But can't decide appropriate clothing given I'll be carrying everything for a few days.

    1. Try this for starters. A post from May 2013


  3. Beautiful pic's Miss I. The outside of the market was so pretty. I love your walk-a-bouts. :)

  4. Gosh, 19 miles is blardy good going - I take my hat off to you! What beautiful photographs of the streams and fells. Envious . . .


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