Saturday, 9 September 2017

Home is where the cat is

Hello. I only have to put things down for a few minutes and Heidi is quick to claim it as her new bed. Hate to move her, but I need those things. 
It's the weekend, have a good one, get out and walk if you can. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. We're away right now and I miss my cat. My boyfriend is looking after him very well though.

  2. I think you may have a stowaway my nosey nose says x

  3. I love the "Is there a problem?" look! I get to mind my neighbour's cat this coming week which is always fun, although it usually involves my building an elaborate cardboard house with many windows and doors. (My daughter tends to think that the cat would be just as happy with a simple brown paper bag to hide in.) Have a great weekend! Hugs from Barbara (Canada)

  4. Oh,it is so hard to move them isnt it!!My cats swop places to sleep every day,then go back to their favorite place a few days later!.Lily the oldest but smallest.likes to jump on me most nights when i go to bed.Tramples all over the bed,then over my face then finally settles down on one of my pillows,which i have to push up behind my head!.Then she claws at my hair for while before she goes to sleep!,...Then repeats it all in the morning to wake me!!,Debi,x

    1. My little mop dog walks all over me if he manages to jump on the bed-and my top dog also likes to sleep on my pillow and head,little mop knows his place and can only sleep there if t d moves.My lovely Lily will sprawl elegantly wherever a lady wishes-if only I could find her a cast off chaise longue-I bet Ilona could x

  5. My 69th birthday is coming up this week but no walk today..Instead, I was out on hubby's 16 foot catamaran on lovely Moreton Bay (QLD AUST) I am inspired daily, Ilona, by your messages to keep moving. Love to you and all of your wonderful blog followers. I feel as if they are my friends too.

  6. We have a rescued Bengal cat who was traumatised when we got her and now claims anywhere warm and quiet in our house. Fair enough I say, as she is growing up happy, very purry and funny to watch. So sleeps all over my sewing, knitting, bed and clean washing whenever she likes.

  7. Cats sleep where they like, after all, don't you know, the house belongs to them ! Lol. I've just taken some photographs. I went into the kitchen where we have just one chair and couldn't help but smile at what greeted me. My beautiful little black girl was asleep on the chair, and my husband was sitting on the floor, with the neighbour's cat stretched out asleep on his legs. Ha ha! Says it all. Jean.

  8. Our latest (rescue cat) wants to sit on any chair that we are on. He will sit on my husbands knee and slowly push his head down the side of the chair so that he can have it all to himself. I say to my husband "get up and move to another chair the cat wants that one" - and he does!!! Oh yes, the cats sure come first in our house.


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