Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Workout with Joe

Hello. Did you know it's National Fitness Day today? No, I didn't either. So, here we go, some ideas to get you started. There are four hours left, it finishes at midnight, but you can carry on indefinitely if you like. 
Still time to go out for a walk. Good reasons why you should walk. 
Joe Wicks is the latest fitness guru, here he shows you how to warm up before a workout.

And when you are nice and warm, here is Joe again with his 20 minute beginners workout.

And here he is again with some ideas for healthy snacks.

So there you are. No excuses, Joe is your man. I'm off for my walk. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. No,I didn't know it was National Fitness Day today.I just walked the dogs as usual.There's lots of acorns on the ground and more than usual here.It's easy to slip.The squirrels are racing around-busy,busy.Joe Wicks is very fit isn't he.Thanks Ilona for sharing him.I do think what he teaches is possible.I do just 4 ! squats each morning and evening x

  2. Joe just might be able to talk me into exercise! haha! I would love to do a Pilates class but they don't offer them in my area. The hospital fitness place does but no one can afford their prices! I will however check out what Joe has to offer. :)

  3. Well,my walk today will be to take a spider plant round to someones house to say thank you for the pears she left in a basket,outside her house saying help yourself.I just took 6 cause that is what i buy each week.She had put loads out for the taking so i hope every one shared!!.This is the first time in 40 years i have lived here that someone local has done this and i thought it was great!.I have not done a long walk for a few weeks cause its been really busy here.We have been looking round for a mobility scooter for my hubby,one that is portable and can fit in the boot of a car or coach.At least then he can come with me when im doing my walking.The prices vary so much though for the same model....£400 more to buy from a shop to buying from the internet!..But at least when we are sorted with it ,life will be better for us both.I know what you mean Ilona,that with saving what you can then afford to buy things that you really need,Debi,xx

  4. I borrowed Joe's cookbook from the library. Made my husband snort when he saw some of the photos - Joe is rather fit!

  5. I've been watching the Angela Rippon programmes on people's "real age". They recommended a lady started walking but then said it wasn't enough for her to keep fit and she needed to graduate to running and jumping up and down steps etc. I thought this was really stupid and enough to put mature people off exercising. Walking puts a lot less strain on the knees and is ideal for most - better to be walking regularly and enjoying it rather than being put off by unrealistic goals.


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