Friday, 27 October 2017

A bimble in the sunshine

Hello. It was such a lovely day today I had to go for a little local bimble so I headed down the hill to the fishing pond. On the way I passed a house with a beautiful purple bush in the garden. This bush has these berries on every year and each time I see them I just love the colour. No leaves, just berries. 
The fishing pond in the foreground, and the River Trent beyond.

It's a lovely tranquil peaceful place.

There are wooden platforms for the fishermen to sit. Not many about today, I only saw three.

A few ducks and a couple of swans went paddling by. Too far out to take a photo.

The previous owners used to come for the summer season and bring their caravan. The apple tree where they used to park is shedding it's fruit, the new owners are not about and anyone can pick them. I already have lots so I don't need them.

I walked back up the hill through the woods and along a track.

It was a nice walk. As I came back into the village I had a nosy in a skip and found some useful pieces of wood. Too much to carry so I went to get my car to transport them home. It's plywood with a light grey laminate finish. It looks like they have had a new bathroom fitted. Lucky me. The garage is a bit full at the moment so these have had to go in the summerhouse.

Thank you all very much for the smashing comments on yesterdays post. It's nice that people took the time to send Betty some positive vibes. She emailed me back to say how chuffed she was to read them, and thanks everyone.

I'm going to watch a bit of catchup TV now, so I'll say tatty byes, and thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend.
Toodle pip


  1. Ilona: Believe that lovely bush is called beautyberry ...

  2. Its been a lovely day here,sunny and mild.I was wrapped up a bit too much.Dogs were startled by a noisy male pheasant on the ground eating acorns.It was quite beautiful looking up at the canopy of trees and the sun streaming down.Took a flask of tea and few biscuits,water and biccies for dogs.Lovely Lily has me make her biccies as she has special food. She managed to find mud to lay in,she loves mud x

    1. Hi Flis,Lol,my dog used to like mud too.He was an Old English Sheepdog so you can imagin the mess he used to get into......He also loved laying and rolling round in horse muck....or Hossmuck as my Staffordshire Dad used to call it!..Oh then it got very messy,lol,Debi,xx

    2. Aren't animals great Debi-such fun! On holiday all 3 were rubbing themselves in cowpats x

  3. Beautiful bush Ilona,i love them colours.Its been a lovely day here in Leic aswell.I started bringing my spider plants in the house for when the weather gets frosty cause i know some areas have it forcast for next week.They have grown huge and have hundreds of babies on them.Ive stood some of them in an old 60s school desk that me and my Grandaughter upcycled a few months ago...Your walk took you through some lovely places today Ilona,i love it when you show your photos on here!Lucky find with the plywood too.Im sure youll find a good use for it!!Have a lovely weekend everyone,Debi,xx

  4. The first time I saw the purple berry bush, it was at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. They were lovely, it was November, and I was intrigued. I casually asked the gardener nearby what this berry bush was. Without so much as looking my way, he replied, "page ..." Evidently, he'd heard that question before! I opened the guidebook in my hand and turned to page. Sure enough! Still makes me smile :) Looks like a wonderful walk. Chris M

  5. Lovely have a good weekend too Ilona. Rae x

  6. Morning every one!!,Hope this weather cheers up a bit in Leicester.Inspired by Ilonas walk yesterday,me and my Grandaughter are going on a 10 mile hike today.Ive got my old trainers out that ive had for 25 years! Just hope they dont give up and fall apart half way round!.Got to nip food shopping first though,which im really starting to hate doing.Its more for the cats though cause we have got enough to last us for the next few days.Im going to spend about £60 on cat food and biscuits so hopefully there will be enough for them for the next couple of weeks.Just lately,they seem to be eating alot more than usual so with having 5 im going to stock up more to save having to go Aldi when i dont need to do a full shopping trip.Enjoy your Saturday everyone!,Debi,xx

  7. Hi hun, What is that bush called with the purple berries - it's so unusual?. Do you think that we are in for a cold winter? The berries and apples here have been abundant and my Nan used to say that would mean we are in for a cold one! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Sue

  8. We've had a few nice walks in the sunshine. One today was still warm enough I felt fine with my tee shirt while Phil had his sweatshirt on. I got a huge head of cauliflower from a co-worker. He actually cut it from a friend's farm. It's so good. Nice find of wood and laminate that you found I find a few things that's give a ways at our hardware store. Something useful...yes please may I take this home? Nice! Our neighbor has a bush of red leaves and orange berries. So pretty! Happy night!

  9. My parents have got one of those bushes in their garden. The purple of the berries is amazing.

  10. Beautiful nature walk. Wish I could have some of those apples... I didn't find any free ones this year so no home made applesauce and apple pies to freeze for later consumption. Drat.


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