Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bah Humbug post

Hello. Today I went a short walk on the North Bank, drove over the Humber Bridge, and when I came back I went into Barton to have a mooch. They had the Christmas Fair on so I took a few pics. It was very busy.  

Real reindeer were munching their way through buckets of nosh.

Most of the shops were open, and doing a roaring trade. Cake anyone?

Plenty of stalls selling food, and games to win prizes.

This kiddies swing boat ride was a bit expensive at £2 per person.

Entertainment was the school children singing Christmas Carols.

Janet and Sue were there with the cat rescue stall.

I treated myself to a portion of chips. £1.70, what a chuffin rip off, they were nice though. I ate half as I was walking around and I have some left over for lunch tomorrow.

This is a small event, and local, there are lots like this going on at the moment, which I won't be going to. They are all pretty much the same. It was Christmas lights switch on today in Scunthorpe, too busy for me. At one time I used to like going to Lincoln Christmas Market, but I can find no enthusiasm for that kind of thing now.

That's my Bah Humbug post done. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip. 


  1. I've never been to a Christmas market anywhere, I wouldn't buy anything anyway. The lights look cheerful

  2. That looks like fun. Just one outing per year like that is enough though, I agree. Bah Humbug too.

  3. At least you've gotten some nice photos and a look-see.

  4. We have black Fri here in the states. Day after our thanksgiving. People shopping for big deals. Not us! Nice day out for you. most places are expensive but vendors pay a lot for their spots especially food vendors. I still go on the cheap side when I eat out even at fairs. Happy weekend!

  5. I've been helping at a local church Christmas Festival stall today and yesterday.It's a lovely event with donated items sold for charity.I saw Santa and his reindeer too Ilona,they are so busy flying around on their sleigh x

  6. Hello Ilona,
    Guess what? You popped up on my site(here in Queensland Australia) this morning under the heading '6 Secrets of the world's most money savvy senior.' Lovely pic...I thought.. wow she looks familiar! I have been so busy and have missed lots of your inspirational musings...maybe I feel guilty as I have had a break from walking. No excuse now Ilona, we have just acquired a new (ish) dear little dog called Panda. I thought she needed something a little grander so now she is PANDORA! Sending love to all of your lovely ladies and of course to you, Ilona xx

    1. Thanks for that link, made me laugh. xxx

    2. That link cracked me up starting from the very first comment, I've got the chronic giggles and can't stop and I'd only read the first few, I've had to stop it and make a quick exit otherwise if I'd read the lot they would been locking me up in the funny farm. Right in the middle was you against all those trolls. you are brave...

  7. I still love all those things, but can barely get to the car in my driveway, so all walking stuff is out.

  8. I do like the little street markets,but very rarely buy anything because every thing is so expensive on them.I think its about £60/70 to have a stall in my town,although this year they have got one of the German type markets,in the city so god knows how much it is to have a stall there.It does annoy me though with the price of the fair rides,although my lot are all to old for them now.But why not charge 50p or £1,then the rides would be full.Instead,they send the ride round,which it has to do anyway,with 1 or 2 kids on!!,.Madness!Debi,xx

  9. I like looking at the pics of your local events, Ilona. The Christmas markets are everywhere now, I'm not a fan myself as I can't stand hanging around in the cold and would rather buy things in shops. It's weird to me that where I am people will stand about in the wind and the rain but the high street itself (with warm shops) is dying for lack of customers. I don't bother with Christmas much myself but I know others love it so no probs with it really, I just ignore a lot of it!

  10. I think local events are important but I do wish they'd think about prices. I normally only go to a couple in the year because they are scrip off in many cases.


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