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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Loads of fruit to get through

Hello. We've had some beautiful sunsets just recently. I've taken to putting my camera in my pocket while walking around the village, just in case I see a nice picture. The church had a lovely orange glow the other day. As you can see by the clock it was only half past three and the sun was already going down, casting long shadows across the front of it. It's funny how the weather starts off dull and miserable in the mornings, but turns to sunshine later on in the day. 
I'm scoffing my way through a load of fruit at the moment. As well as the yellow stickers I bought almost a week ago, I also got some fruit in the hamper from Joyce. I have fruit for breakfast anyway, but I'm having to eat more to get through it all. Here is my four fruit smoothie which I made this afternoon. A satsuma, a pear, some grapes, and a kiwi fruit, with a spoonful of plain yogurt. It was very nice.

I've been trying some painting today, on the three canvases I bought for 50p each from a charity shop. Inspired by watching painting videos on yooootoooob. I don't think it's my bag really, too messy, but I'm having a go. It's not as easy as it looks. One of the problems I have is knowing when it's finished. You can go on forever adding a bit more here and a bit more there. I am trying different techniques, see where it takes me. I am drawn towards cubism, it looks so easy, the hard part is choosing which colours to use. I may not show you the results, so don't get excited, ha ha.

Only four more days to the end of the year, four more days left of the walking challenge. Are you making one last effort? I will reach my target of 1200, but I must say there are days when I think I would like a day off from it. That's why I am dropping back to the 1000 miles for next year, so I can have a day off now and again.

It's been very cold today, but we are lucky that we've had no snow. They've had it in the Midlands and the South, glad I don't have to go out on the motorways at this time of year.

A quickie tonight, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. hi Ilona, cold here too but no snow either. only rode 4 miles today but hope to get a few more in before the end of the year. I have exceeded my target but want to see by how much more. enjoy your foray into painting

  2. I enjoy how you keep challengin yourself and trying new things...keeps the brain, body and soul young. Have a gret 2018.

  3. When painting. Stop and walk away.

  4. My first foray into painting was long ago when Nancy Kominski was on the tele showing you how to paint. I had some quite successful results with her. You might see her books on your travels in the charity shops etc. 50p for a canvas is so cheap.

  5. I awoke to snow in the midlands but it soon thawed & the sun was shining & a blue sky.Then the dogs were running wild-Lovely Lily jumping in muddy deep puddles,mop dog covered & top dog mainly dry.I have been eating lots of tangerines & sprouts x

  6. Realised I’d left the bedroom windows open last night - freezing down here in Staffordshire- bedroom was like the Arctic.
    Looking forward to seeing what you get upro next year Ilona - from Jenette xxx

  7. That "orange church" shot is great. Our sun is setting at 9:30pm at the moment. Lovely summers in Auckland but even our winters are not as chill as yours. Keep warm and well Ilona

  8. Hi we had some snow last night but it's mostly cleared here now in south Glos. We are lucky that we have a local shop just around the corner which isn't cheap but great for when the weather is bad for milk etc.

  9. I am inspired by you to walk as far as I can when I can. Today we had snow and a hole in my boots! I Must replace and get out whatever the weather:)

  10. Its always worth trying different things,you never know when you'll find something that just suits you

  11. minus 24 oC at the moment but the good news is the wind is calm, as that would put it in the minus 30's if it was windy and no more snow for today, YEAH!!! No walking for me this week as it's too cold. I am in Southern Ontario in Canada by the way, so I can't complain as this is winter after all!!

  12. Minus 22C in Toronto this morning (and that's without the windchill factor). Lots of snow on the ground and more on the way tomorrow. I did get out for a short walk yesterday as the sidewalks have all been cleared - but it's difficult to walk very far in heavy boots and while using a cane - still - it was nice to get some fresh air. Might try some mall walking on the weekend where it is warm & there is no worrying about slipping.


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