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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Puddles in the flesh.

Hello. After posting last night I carried on watching Puddles on yooootoooob, I just couldn't stop, was up until gone midnight. There are some vids of him in the flesh, as Big Mike Geier, before he became Puddles. Some interviews as well, he is a big man at 6ft 8ins. He sings like Elvis and Tom Jones but in his own style. He sings Elvis better than Elvis.

For those who don't like clowns have a look at this. Some of his earlier videos are not up to top quality, but if you want to hear the very best covers ever click on Puddles and scroll the picture off the screen if you don't like his face. His voice is just awesome.

See you later.


  1. Oi! No one sings Elvis better than Elvis. ;0)

    1. Ha ha, thought someone would pick up on that. Elvis left us a lot of great songs, but he has long gone. This man is alive now and hopefully has a lot more songs to offer.

  2. I am from Memphis. No, he is not better. However, he is a great singer and sounds so much like Elvis, better than anyone I have heard. I have never heard of him before. thanks for the introduction.

  3. Mike sounds great! Loved this you tube! Thanks for sharing, Ilona! I need to show my husband this one, he'd like it. Elvis died the year we were married, 1977.


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