Friday, 2 February 2018

A tiny home for little people.

Hello. Sunny today so I went out. I was on my way to the park, walking down the High Street, when I bumped into my friend Linda and her sweet pooch, Poppy. She hadn't got a specific route in mind so she said she would come to the park as well. It made a nice change to walk and chat. 
When we got to the park it seemed that a lot of others from our village had the same idea as well. It was a really nice atmosphere to meet and greet with everyone. Linda told me about a fairy house in the wood which I hadn't seen before, it must be quite new, and here it is, a play area for children. It's built with thick wood, and well put together, it should last for years. 
It's got a sink with two taps and two plugs.

A beautiful wood burner.

A lovely tall dresser.

The view through the front door.

It's got two bench seats, both have a foot stool and a coffee table.

There is a central dining table. Whoever built this has made a fantastic job of it, I can see many hours of fun for the children in the summer. It would be great to live in a bigger version of this, with all the furniture made out of thick solid wood. It would last a lifetime, no need to buy anything else ever again.

Little Poppy looking wistfully for another treat.
Look at that cute little face. Couldn't you just fall in love with it.

When I went out the cats were in the garden, when I got back my two were waiting to get in. Garcia has been missing for three days, I reckon he has been staying in his own house and not bothered to go out. He was back again this morning though at 7.30am. When I got back from the park he was waiting at his own front door for his family to come home from work. That cat is clever.

Thanks very much for popping in, the weekend starts here so enjoy. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I saw the fairy house at Normanby on Wednesday and wished I could be a kid again!

  2. What a wonderful play camp for the kids! It is beautiful and so well built!

  3. what a great amenity for the children. havent seen anything like it around here. glad you are getting out and about

  4. Isn't it lovely.I had a plastic Wendy house that got very hot in the summer & mum worried about it.I saw a big spider inside & daren't go in again.Little Poppy does look a good girl x

  5. What an adorable house! Just right for children. It reminds me of my step-father, who made an entire kitchen set for the day care at his church. He had a lot of fun making it--so creative!

    Poppy is so cute. I meant to say on yesterday's post how sorry I am that your canine friend Henry choc lab is gone. I know you had some great times walking him with your beloved Rocky.

  6. We had a dog who knew to go to the neighbor's house for food. She never missed a meal here! There is no telling how many places she went for a handout. Smart dog.

  7. A lot of thought went into that lovely play area. I hadn't thought about it in years, but my daughter had a wooden tree-house when she was little. I think I enjoyed it as much as she did. Hugs from Barbara (Canada)

  8. Glad you had a nice walk n talk Ilona, Thats a really lovely play house for kiddies, sadly if it were here the teenagers would set light to it,as they did when our local park was revamped.

    1. Thats how it is here Lyn.The amount of times play areas have been made...just for vandles to go and destroy them.Tyers that were made into swings were set fire to,even the new fencings that were put up,some idiot put graffiti all over them.It think the council just gave up in the end....That place is Beautiful though!!,I hope the kids enjoy it for many years to come!,Debi,xx

  9. That is I would have loved that as a child. Perhaps that's why I have my own dollshouse as an adult!

  10. This is so cool. Danny is going to begin building our future home very soon from shipping containers. Our furniture is made from wooden palettes and I will be blogging our journey as our tiny house adventure begins to roll out. Loved yours!

  11. What a wonderful little play house, so much care and thought put into it <3 Have a lovely weekend.x

  12. That's gorgeous, I would have loved that when I was little .... I would try to fit on the furniture now given half a chance 😉

  13. Delightful. Lucky children. Lovely dog and glad Garcia is ok. Natalie

  14. Wow. That is a fantastic "tiny home". Love all the detail and fixtures. Whoever built it, is a wonderful person/craftsperson. To my mind, it is so much more "soulful"/healthy/practical/meaningful, than the many "plastic" versions one sees about these days.

    Thanks for showing us.

  15. When I was a kid, with my siblings,we used to play in a small wood house like this one. But it wasn't so fancy. No furniture. This one is so great. Claude (from France).

  16. If only to be a child again. never mind I have a real house to clean.

  17. fab house - someone is a very talented carpenter.

  18. Interesting little house in the woods! There's much wood around here now that have fallen or been cut down due to storm damage in the past couple years. I was looking a small round wood disc in our neighbor's lawn yesterday. It was from a limb, laying near the stone wall around the lawn. Many rings in the wood. Their dog was barking at me from inside their front window as they were gone. I talked to dog a bit and he'd just look at me....a black dog and so pretty! Have a blessed week!


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