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Friday, 16 February 2018

Third walk from Haworth, then home.

Hello. The pictures are sorted, so I'll get this last post about bimbling around Haworth done. I made this video on Day 2 when I was on my way to Keighley.

Day three started with checking out of the hostel and saying goodbye to the visiting puss. He/she lives in a bungalow next door. I saw it one afternoon heading across the grass and through the hedge into it's garden. Very friendly and laid back cat, it allowed everyone to stroke it.

The main entrance to the hostel from the car park.

Blog reader Simplesista came to meet me at the hostel and we went in her car to Haworth. It was lovely to see her. In the car park is a big mural, I love it. My kind of art.

The church, SS well wrapped up. It was sunny but cold. We looked at the Bronte Parsonage but didn't go in, and stuck our noses into the old school room next to it where they were making preparations for a royal visit. Camilla PB is there today.

 After warming ourselves up with coffee and cake, we parted company. SS went back to Bradford, and I went for a walk. I took a different route out of Haworth, Lord Lane, down a steep hill, and up the road that you can see in the distance.

 At the bottom is Lord Bridge. This looks like a very old foot bridge which is overgrown, next to it is the road bridge.

Being nosy looking into someone's garden. The cute little summer house and patio is next to the fast flowing river. An idyllic spot to relax.

I walked on the road for  a long time, so I could speed up my walking. This row of houses are on the outskirts of Oakworth. I like the little stone sheds that were built into the front garden, giving storage for bicycles and equipment. The one on the far left has new doors on it. A clever way of maximizing the space.

Onward I went, I came to the cemetery and crematorium. It has some woodland to the side of it, and a path through. I like the little memorials so lovingly built among the trees.

It's quite a big place.

There is a garden with a lawned area with borders, and seats to sit and reflect. It doesn't look as if anyone is taking care of it though.

Onward I went. The wind was very strong, I was flippin freezing. Can you see the look of pleasure pain on my face.

At one point I took the wrong track and ended up in a farmyard, luckily they put me right and I went on my way. The wind was whipping across Ponden Reservoir, it looks like a very choppy sea out there.

On the other side of the water, the valley below where the excess water runs off into the distance.

 At Stanbury, I didn't go in the pub, I sat on a bench in the children's playground and ate my snack.

Past Lower Laithe Reservoir, it's still choppy out there.

I decided to stay on the road now because I wanted to get back to the hostel. Not far to go but I want a pee, quick hide behind a bush next to the railway track. Ooops, good job this trains wasn't a couple of minutes earlier.

Ooh look, the engine is back to front.

Not far now, there are quite a few of these mill buildings with tall chimneys dotted about.

I was back at the car for 4pm, and hit a bit of traffic going home. Not to worry, no rush, I am still on holiday. I called in at Tesco, picked up a few reductions but couldn't be bothered to wait for the final sticker to go on. I was hungry and wanted to get home to eat.

On the map, the green line is from Tuesday, the orange one from Wednesday, and the blue one is from yesterday, Thursday. The pink one is from a previous visit. I won't be back for a while, plenty of new places to explore.

I've walked 20 miles over the three days, a very cold 20 miles, I might add. My poor face is so sore, I've slapped loads of moisturizer on it. I've saved this vid  for last, because I knew you wanted one last look at a steam train.

Same engine today at Haworth Station, picture in the DM

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Enjoyed looking at your travels again Ilona. Lovely part of the country. I dare say the little brick buildings built on the front of the houses were old coal houses very useful as you say for storage when everyone stopped using coal.

    Sue R

  2. Loved watching your videos,the steam train is amazing.Not far from where i live,20min.walk every so often they have the steam trains here.Ive only ever been once!..So now im going to make a point of finding what dates these events are on,so i can start going to see them.Isnt it great to get away for a few days!When you get to see so much,that little break seems so much longer,dont you think?.Those sheds are still in alot of older houses in the Midlands,although mainly built at the back in the garden.My Mam still has an outside loo next to hers aswell!...although she does have one in the house aswell,lol.Glad that you had a nice time meeting up with another blogger!,Debi,xx

    1. Debi-it may be a coincidence but I think we may live in the same vicinity weirdly x

  3. Glad you had a good trip. I hate the cold, so I'm impressed by your endurance. I had an hour's walk in the cold, couldn't stick it any longer! I'm using my treadmill for the foreseeable. Karen

  4. Whoa, lots o walking. I love the train video.

  5. Thank you for the train video. It has been nice to follow your adventure.

  6. Glad you've had a good couple of days's especially good at this time of year to have a change of scene if possible.

  7. Brrrr. It did look chilly for your visit Ilona. As always you made the most of your time away. Did they have "the arrival of Spring" Hockney exhibition still on show at Salt's Mill? It's so colourful. I loved it.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures of "home".
    Jacquie x

    1. Hi. Yes the Hockney exhibition is still there.

  8. Good to know what you got up to after I left! I’ve planned in a walk in Haworth for the fam but we will do it in the warmer months I think, they’re not as hardy as you and I! Xxxx

  9. That looked a lovely little holiday Ilona.I live close to a steam railway but oddly I've never been on.I do walk alongside but when it chuff chuffs my lily's spooked.I really enjoyed your trip -thankyou x

  10. You certainly get around Ilona. Very brave too, walking by yourself on those footpaths :) Such beautiful countryside and walking is a fantastic way to see it all, especially the views from higher up.


  11. Wonderful! We can surely see how windy it was. Loved the train! I’ve been on one a few times and loved every minute!

  12. I really liked your pictures. I have a thing about Haworth. I am not English but grew up reading English writers, in another country. So I was fascinated with the Brontes and many years ago I made the trip there, after visiting an aunt in Cheshire. I loved the countrified atmosphere of Yorkshire - England as it appears in books when you live somewhere very different. The most amazing and wonderful thing for me was the railway station waiting-room. Now I forget whether this was at Keighley or Haworth. It had long tables and was packed on that very cold day - everyone well-protected against the elements. The usual tea and cakes available. It was such a great atmosphere - I can't quite describe it in a few words. But what I fell in love with was the huge log-burning fireplace. There was nothing institutional about this waiting-room. I have since scoured the internet to find out where it actually was but can find no pictures of the interior. Perhaps you will be kind enough to set me straight about which railway station waiting-room this is. How I yearn for that waiting-room! Admirer of your blog.

    1. There was an open fire at Oakworth Station, it looked lovely, but I didn't take any photo's. I don't know where you saw the fire, they do light them from time to time.

  13. I see none of my WordPress comments have come through. Having a bit of a problem with computer at present. I am so glad you have posted about your little trip away and loved seeing all the sights that you showed.
    Brenda in the Boro

    1. Hi Brenda. Not sure what you mean by your 'Wordpress comments' this one has come through. Perhaps you could get a goooogle account or something else that might be recognized by blogger.

    2. yes my computer has been playing up of late. Not always doing as its told.

  14. Meanqueen - would you do a You Tube video showing us how to read an OS map? I usually stick to roads when I go away but knowing my way round an OS map would be so useful. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for these posts of your trip - this area is on the 'to visit' list. I've always wanted to go to 'Bronte country'. The scenery is beautiful, the steam trains, the history - what not to like? Amanda

  16. Bit late commenting, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading about this trip Ilona and looking at the pics, it really is a lovely part of the world.


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