Friday, 9 February 2018

This and that

Hello. I made a video today, but it took that long to upload, I cancelled it. 50% in four hours, was not going to wait another four hours for the rest of it. I'll start it off earlier tomorrow.

Been to the vet today to pick up Heidi's tablets. She is doing fine. Garcia is spending most days here, he comes early, feeds his face, goes to sleep, wakes up, more food, and goes home when they come back from work. Mayze spends a lot of time in the bedroom on or in my bed.

Next door neighbour passed away last week, 90, good age, I went to the funeral. Saw a friend today that I hadn't seen for a couple of years, was nice to see her, but she told me the news that Shirley had passed away. Was sad to hear that. I won't go to the funeral, haven't seen her for about five years, and it's too far to travel. You don't notice people dying when you are younger. Then when you get to a certain age it happens more often. I remember Shirley, loved dressing up and going out dancing.

I'm listening to Puddles in the background, he has made loads of videos. A new one came out today, I get a little message telling me.

Bit tired, I'm off. We'll catch up tomorrow.
Toodle pip


  1. I know just what you mean about people dying or becoming less able. it can happen to any of us but does seem that the longer you live , the more often you attend funerals. Its good that we can be as active as possible and enjoy life. hope that video uploads faster tomorrow

  2. Sorry to learn about your neighbour and Shirley, Ilona. The flat above me has been for sale for months following the death of my neighbour last year. I have good neighbours here and you get used to seeing people about, familiar faces, even if they're not people you're particularly involved with. My neighbour was a good friend, but I didn't go to her funeral as it was only family there and I didn't feel it was appropriate.

  3. My cousins & myself are all in our 50s & we were saying a while ago,that as all our aunts & uncles had passed on we were the oldest now.It does feel a bit weird.On a happier note Garcia really has a great life little monkey x

  4. Will look forward to the next video, I loved your last one. I watched before I went to work and it set me up for the day.

  5. Sorry to read about your friend. I lost my best friend last year we met when we were 17 that was 62 years ago we did not live near each other but always had a few days together at Foxkease in the New Forest and because she drove she came several times a year fir a day out to me. I miss her so much for I was part of her family going to the weddings and being god mother to her daughters. Like Flis I am one of 6 children and now the oldest in our family. Have a good weekend everyone, my son is coming today to put. Together a wardrobe and drawers also some curtain poles, it's beginning to feel like home. Hazel c uk

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your friends Ilona, always tough, whatever the age. Take care,xxxxx

  7. I'll look forward to your new video. As I get older I find I am attending more funerals. The generation before me and now, family and friends of my own generation. There are so many people I miss being able to see and talk to.

  8. When we are young, old people die. Sometimes, we might know them or be related. Then, as we get older, these people dying are closer in age and we probably do know them. My neighbor who lived to 94 lamented the fact that all but one of her close friends had died. I find that I know most of the people who die lately, and some of them die younger than I am--71. One day, I knew six of the 8 people who died in this town on one day. They were all within a year or two of my age. It is frightening.


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