Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Winter Wonderland

Hello. We've had a lot more snow here today. The kids went to get the bus to school, it didn't turn up so they went back home again, having snowball fights in the street. The kids that walk to school didn't go because the school was closed. Oooh, a day off for them. People crawled out of the village in their cars to go to work, I saw one car with it's side window still covered in snow. Don't know how they are going to see what's coming from the side, unless they open the window. The snow is deep so people are walking on the roads. No visiting cats today, they must be staying indoors. 
I took a few pics in the garden. 
Spot the little basket weave donkey.

Rocky's grave.

The hedgehog ornament, sitting on the edge of the raised bed.

I made up a feeding station for the birds. Cleared the snow off the table, filled a plate with tasty food, and water to drink. Haven't seen any birds all day, but something has disturbed the food. Possibly a cat scavenging the strips of cooked meat. I cut it into strips because I thought it would look like worms and the birds would go for it. No birds came.

Bugsy's grave.

The Christmas tree looks nice, all Christmassy.

Here comes another snowstorm, more like a blizzard. It's been doing this all day, going dark, then dumping another load of snow on us. It's bin collection day, but they didn't come. The Council say on their Twitter to leave the bins out and they will come when they can. Could be out there for a week if this keeps up.

Very different picture from the other day when it was sunny.

We got a sunny spell so I went out to do my walk. It was hard going in the snow. There's the sun going down over there. I missed yesterday so I wanted to do this last walk of the month to make the 166 mile target.

So how has your walking been for this month? Have you managed to get out? Could the Walking Group please check in tomorrow, Thursday the 1st of March, with their total at the end of the first  two months of 2018. The new target for three months will be 249 miles, if you are taking part in the Walk 1000 miles Challenge. Let's hope we have better weather.

There is a new series on Channel 4 called How to Get Fit Fast. Episode 1 was on last night, you can get it on the catchup if you are in the UK, not sure if it is available elsewhere in the world. Amar Latif is the co presenter, some of you may remember I wrote about him before. He is the founder of Traveleyes, a holiday company for blind and visually impaired people. I have been on two of his holidays. Here is a link to the Skipton holiday in 2010, a picture of Amar at the end, cutting the cake.  It's great to see him on the telly, he is a smashing chap.

That's it for now, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I know snow can be a pain, but I haven’t seen it since 1993. We don’t get it at ground level where I live. It looks real pretty.

  2. I love how you keep Rocky and Bugsys graves looking nice,a really nice tribute to them for all the love you all shared together.Well,my garden is covered in snow as well and I have to be careful because we have a decking balcony type thing,where you have to step down into the garden.Great in the Summer,lethal in the winter!!,I have my garden table where i put food out for the birds and alot of magpies and sparrows have been on there today..we still have a robin that visits which is lovely! I used to worry about my cats getting them,but now that my cats are a bit older they are not so much interested.. I think that we are due more snow tonight,so a cleaning up the spare bedroom day tomorrow...That hurts just to think about it,lol..but got to be done.Its turned into a dumping ground!!,Debi,xx

  3. Ps,I have the same hedgehog,named Spike by my Grandson when he was little!,Debi,xx

  4. Your garden looks pretty in the snow. I have been trying to keep the birds fed. I haven’t seen many in the garden today. I hope they are hiding in a sheltered spot somewhere.

  5. Here in Cleveleys on Tuesday we woke up to about an inch of snow but it soon went. Yesterday we had a couple of snow showers but again it soon went. We will have to see what today brings. It's so very cold here though.

  6. Hello. Your snowy garden looks fantastic. Here, in Paris, a little snow this morning when I woke up. I love to walk down the streets early and hear the crunchy sound under my feet.

  7. We had a blizzard here on Thursday and Friday, this is exceptional in this area, we haven't had a significant snowfall since 1978. We had around 4 inches of snow and it looked so beautiful. However it caused absolute chaos as it is such a rarity in this area people have no idea how to cope with it. A lot of disruption on the roads, with people trapped. A train from London was stuck in the middle of nowhere for 14 hours, the people had no heating, food or toilet facilities, I felt so sorry for them, although obviously there's only so much the train companies can do when the weather is so unusually extreme. I was on a bus that got stuck on a hill so I got out and walked home, it took me back to my childhood in the Midlands where snowfalls are not at all unusual. Beautiful pictures Ilona, it all looks so silent and peaceful, I like it when the world stops for a bit, it's all such a bedlam now.


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