Sunday, 25 March 2018

Haworth to Leeds. Day 4.

Hello. Have you been enjoying the walk up to now? The best day for weather has to be today, it started off sunny, and stayed sunny. I even had to change out of my trousers and put my skirt on, my legs were sticky hot. The mileage is back up again because it was mainly flat walking, so 20 miles done today, making a running total of 78.  
I took this photo from exactly the same spot when I was last in Haworth still a lovely view. 
Today was going to be a canal day, the easiest way to get to Leeds. I followed the road to Harden and to bypass Bingley I cut off down a really narrow road only meant for local traffic to gain access to houses. Beck Foot is a tiny hamlet with a big ford. The water is quite deep I wouldn't want to go through it with anything less than a big 4 x 4 vehicle. Luckily there is a narrow footbridge for pedestrian access. I was a magical spot with the sun bouncing off the fast flowing water.

I went past a school and over the main road and railway line to join the Liverpool Leeds Canal. 25 minutes to Saltaire. The canal goes through Shipley, but I didn't get off it, I carried straight on.

The first of several locks I saw. Hardly any boats on the move, surprising because it was such a nice day.

The sun has brought everyone out, the canal towpath was very busy with walkers, families, joggers, kids, dogs, and loads of cyclists. It was a bit too busy at times.

Leaving Saltaire, one of my favourite places, but no time to stop and look today.

More locks, two together this time. A boat was navigating it's way through them, which brings people to stand and watch.

 A small Marina.

Canal walking sounds like a really nice thing to do, and it is, for a while, but mile after mile can be a bit monotonous. A short stroll for a couple of miles is enough. Another thing I noticed that with so many people about, and not many hidey holes in bushes, it was not easy to find cover for a pee, ha ha.

I got off the canal at 6pm, almost in the centre of Leeds. I thought I was making good progress and might go further on, until I got a phone call from Janet, when she reported in that the pussies were fine. She reminded me that the clocks went forward overnight and I had forgotten about it, bother, I had lost an hour, so time to stop. I had it in mind to go to the Holiday Inn yet again, and was very pleased when I saw the big sign on the top of a tall building over to my left. Luckily there is a mini supermarket across the road so I was able to buy my picnic food to have in my room. All's well that ends well.

Hows the old body shaping up? The leg muscles are not so stiff now, they are getting used to the daily slog. They are only stiff when I sit down and get up again, so it's best to keep going. The blisters aren't a problem, stick a needle in them and release the fluid and smother with Germoline. The sniffles and sneezes have not got any worse, must be all that fresh air. Day three is usually the killer, and that has gone now. I'm more than half way, and the rest of it should be a bit easier.

I'm going to chill in this nice hotel room. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Well you amaze me - 20 miles and how lovely it all looked in the sunshine. I’ve walked 8 miles today to try and boost up my months total and I can hardly move - you are incredible - what a lovely walking holiday with so many interesting things to see and places along the way - well done and goodnight !

  2. I've been watching "Great Canal Journeys" with Timothy West & Prunella Scales on YouTube and this was one of the canals they crossed - those locks fascinate me. I'd love to do a walk along them and be a gongoozler watching everyone.
    You are having good luck with your weather and I hope it stays that way for you. Enjoy yourself.

  3. Well done, by the time you reach home you'll have a good buffer for your 1000 miles.
    If you're not careful you'll be up to 1200 again this year!
    Do you have breakfast in the hotels or do you self cater for every meal?
    The forecast for the next few days seems to indicate that you chose a good week to walk.

    1. Yes, I have breakfast in the hotels, it's easier than getting breakfast elsewhere It sets me up for the day.

  4. You are a super trooper! And thank you for all the pictures. It's so interesting to see what you encounter along the way.

  5. I am enjoying your walk...thanks for taking us along!

  6. Loving this holiday of yours. The photos are beautiful and so interesting. Thank you.
    J x

  7. It's a bit late now, but my husband (ex Army) says to harden your feet off before doing long walks, wipe them morning and evening with a little Meths. You won't have sandle feet but you won't get blisters either! Hope this helps.

    I expect you were glad to get away from pounding the road though it does seem very busy along by the canal.

    Have you done other long routes like the Pennine Way, Hadrian's Wall path, Cotswold Way, etc? Living in Wales I've always wanted to walk Offa's Dyke, and there's another in the middle of Wales called Glyndwr's Way I think.

    1. Hi. I don't do any of the recognized long distance paths, because I don't want to walk where everyone else is. I sometimes hop on and off them at different points if they join up with a walk I am already doing. All my walks are made up by me, I don't follow set routes.

  8. You are passing through some beautiful countryside and the weather yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it. I really enjoyed seeing the photos.

  9. Blue skies! Enjoying your pictures. Hope your feet are holding up. They have served you well.

  10. I love your walking and travelling posts. Thank you.

  11. Hello. Beautiful pictures. Love very much the bridge.

  12. The countryside is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos. Glad to know the blisters aren't giving you much trouble.

  13. I always enjoy your walking adventures. I learn more about where you are walking and see how it looks than reading a travel site. Your photos are so good. I really appreciate you sharing it all with us.

  14. Oooh lovely to see Beck Foot bridge again Ilona. I visited last April and loved it. I have a painting of it hanging above my bed, painted by mum in the 80's, so it will always make me smile.
    Glad the trip is still going well.
    Jacquie x

  15. loving your walk, the canal areas and bridges look so lovely and relaxing- I'm always up for some 'armchair travel'!

  16. Still following along and enjoying the pictures and reports each day.


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