Saturday, 14 April 2018

How to build a tree

Hello. It's been a lovely warm day today. I was out for my walk this morning and I couldn't wait to get back so I could take some clothes off, I was too hot. After lunch things to do in the garden. This wash basin has been in the way on my work table so I thought I would stand it on it's end and decorate it. It takes up less space in the upright position. The vinyl flowers are stuck on with double sided sticky pads, let's see if they are still stuck after it rains. 
 I've been busy with hammer and nails, and screws, managed to bash my thumb, now got a blood blister. This is what I made. What do you mean, what is it? Isn't it obvious? It's a tree of course, rolls eyes. Alright, it's a small tree I know, or maybe it's a large bush, whatever. It's not finished, I need to put some leaves on it, and some feet on it so it stands upright by itself. It's gonna be good.

Having a bit of fun. I put these in prominent positions where people walk their dogs through the village green. One is next to a bench and the other is on a wall at the entrance. I walk past the two places every day and I am curious to see how long they are there before they disappear. I hope they make people smile.

Heidi thinks no one can see her hidden behind the curtain. I can see you.

It's nice to have more daylight hours, but it means when I get busy with something my dinner gets later and later. It was 7.30pm tonight, and now it's not long to bed time. I've had two loads of washing out on the line today, so I have a lovely fresh bed to get into.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I know what you mean about clothing today!.As you know,I went on a river boat party cruise last night,staying in Nottingham.And i took my fur coat with me...This morning,I woke up in the hotel,to a blue sky and the sun beaming down...with my fur coat with me,lol.It was too heavy to carry,so i had to put it on!.But we got back to Leicester by late afternoon and I was able to hang it up!..But as the evenings gone on back here at home,Its gone cold again,lol...I just hope that this week is nice like they have promised us!.The sink looks good,great idea to stand it up.I will tell my Mam because she has one in her garden.The stones are a great idea!,I think I might get round to doing some of those myself.A street not far from me is always full of dog poo.Well,I think its dog poo...I start to wonder if people walk their elephants round there in the middle of the night!I love the way Heidi hangs her legs off the window ledge,my Lily does the same thing!,xx

  2. Love your painted stones, so cheerful and hopefully useful.

  3. SueM What a brilliant idea with the stones and so cheerful looking.

  4. Your basin reminds me of one of those little spiritual alters-its lovely.I think I may paint a litter stone.I am picking up discarded bottles & wrappers daily on country walks.I can't leave one outside my house though as someone would throw it at my window x

  5. That tree looks like it’s going to be another fabulous project!
    We’re in the middle of a blizzard so i’m very jealous of your sunshine! I did get to hang clothes out two weeks ago; unheard of for us in March. My two loads today will have to go in the dryer. boo...
    Love the rocks! I hope it helps keep the lanes clear.

    1. One of life's pleasures for me is getting into my bed when the sheets have just come in off the line! I once visited Lancaster County in Pennsylvania where the Amish live and it was such a joy to see lines of sheets blowing in the wind. I am easily pleased.

  6. There is nothing nicer than getting into a bed with bedding that has been dried outside. The smell is divine.


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