Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Learnt something new.

Well that's never happened before. I had a call through Facebook Messenger from my friend. She rang me, I missed it because I was outside, so I rang her back. I didn't know you could do that. Amazing. Free phone calls. Mind you, on my landline phone package my calls after 7pm are included in the price anyway.

Wonder if I can get all my friends to join. Mind you, it's not the same as speaking on the phone, I found I was talking over her because I wasn't sure when she had finished speaking, and when it was my turn. A bit like the Skype that I used to do, but don't do any more. I found that a bit difficult when there is a split second delay. A bit like speaking to someone on the other side of the world. Ok for a quick five minute call but it might be exasperating to speak for an hour like that.

Catch you later. ilona


  1. Top tip on saving on your phone bill: promise to ring people at specific times, and then don't. They'll ring you to see what's wrong, at which point you can have your original planned conversation at their expense.

  2. And you can do video calls too.

  3. I used to go on Facebook,I think my fb account is still on there,but I have not used it for over 3 years.One night when my mate from infant school was inboxing me,we had another person who neither of us knew,joining in with the conversation!!.And this was in private chat!..and they knew all our conversations from the last year or so!.Needless to say,I havent been near it since,not even to deactivate my page.xx

  4. Hello Ilona, we use the free app WhatsApp to make, receive phone calls when we are out of the country. And we can also make video calls, which is like Apple iPhone or iPad phone calls. The one important but is—each person you wish to call for free using WhatsApp must get the app from their App Store online. For me it’s Apple and for my husband since he has an Android phone it’s (I think the Google Play Store.) Oh yes it’s entirely free and texting is included. I also use WhatsApp with a local friend while at home who seems to prefer it. I learned about this via the Rick Steves Travel Forum. Thx Sonja


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