Thursday, 4 October 2018

When scrap is not scrap.

I had a delivery to make yesterday, I found some interesting pieces of wood at a firm who makes furniture, and some scrap vinyl from the tent making man next door. All stuff that is useful for the Scrapstore. Angela came with me, and we had a rummage while we were there. We found some useful pieces of fabric for our own projects. Link to Hull Scrapstore Facebook page.

I made a video.

Thanks for all the coffee making tips on yesterdays post, I now have a list of new ones to try.
Catch up soon.   ilona


  1. Ilona, you are so amazingly fortunate to have a resource like this in the UK! We have nothing that even comes close to this in the U.S. My son's girlfriend is an art teacher and would be over the moon with a shop like this. Plus think of all the materials you are keeping out of the landfills! Just wonderful.

  2. I went to a Council meeting with our green group this week about an event we're involved with. We're trying to get across the message that waste should be viewed as a resource not rubbish.

  3. Ilona, can I just butt in after yesterday's and today's topics and urge everyone to watch 'Drowning in plastic' a bbc documentary here in the UK (available on bbc iplayer). As you can imagine it was about plastics in the oceans and rivers around the world; but not just plastic, junk chucked into the seas and waterways. Not just plastic fishing nets; plastic cups; fabric etc. Some of it was quite difficult to watch with the damage caused to marine wildlife so be warned. However, it is well worthwhile viewing to remind ourselves about what we do with 'throwaway' materials: recycle if possible and never pollute the earth's water system by using it as a dustbin.

  4. what a FUN place to go shopping! We need that here in the United states!

  5. Brilliant, wish we had one down here.

  6. My brother runs a Scrap Store in Jedburgh. He works incredibly hard and finds it all extremely satisfying. I just wish we had one around here.

  7. We have a recycling center in Leicester that has a Loros shop.It does very much the same sort of thing,although it does vary from one week to the next as to what is in there.Anything from tables,chairs,material,paints,books,wool,tiles,crafting stuff,pictures...all saved from landfill.They even have 25p shelves and boxes,with things that havent sold.Its off the Barkby Road if there are any Leicester folk reading here.I must say Ilona,that it looks a lovely building that your scrap store is in.It reminds me of my old junior school that was sadly demolished to make room for some cheap n nasty prefab looking things,xx

  8. Thank you for posting your video - this inspired us to go to the Scrapstore last Saturday and we came away with a good haul of materials for crafting and sewing projects. We also donated some paper and hessian to them. I am sure this won't be our only visit!
    Best wishes


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