Friday, 2 November 2018

Can't stay in on a nice day.

After a coffee and chat with a friend this morning I thought it was too nice to stay in. Best make the most of the sunshine, so I walked the five miles to town. The first part is really nice, trees, fields, and a pond, two ponds actually, a small one and a big one, but the rest of it is a bit mundane, industrial estates and traffic, so not many photo's.  
This field is looking like a football pitch, and that's possibly what it might end up as, or maybe on a new housing estate. It's turf which will be harvested when the time is right. Look at those gorgeous Autumn colours in the trees. 

Past the pond.

Love the reflections in the water.

It was a bit late when I started out and I thought I would get the 4.30pm bus back, but I didn't quite make it. I saw the back end of it just as I arrived at the Bus Station. Not to worry, an hour and fifteen minutes to wait till the next and last one. I had a mooch around town. Poundland had their ice creams reduced to 50p so I had one. Not a Magnum, it was like a sandwich, two biscuity wafers with an ice cream filling, very nice.

Church Square looked nice. St Johns Church is the 20 21 Atrs Centre. The building on the right is the newer modern part, the church is the art gallery.

This new building has recently gone up. Ongo is the local housing association.

The lighting changes colour every few seconds.

The council workmen are on site to put up the Christmas decorations.

Waiting for the bus, it was on time at 5.45pm.

Back home for 6.15pm. Steamed vegetables for dinner, simple, can't be bothered to make anything fancy.


  1. You have such pretty places to walk. Not much around my neighborhood except woods mobile homes & occasionally horses. I live out in the country so if I go further it'll be lots of feilds with
    horses. Living in Florida we don't get much brilliant color in fall like they do up North. I think our prettiest season is spring lots of colors then even the greens are varried.
    I should get back to walking although I miss my four foot companion Lacey it's hard to go without her company.

  2. Love the colours of the trees,this time of the year.Its very cold here in Leicester today,but the sky is blue and the sun is shining..perfect Autumn day for getting out and about!I think that me and my Mam might have a trip to the charity shop this afternoon.Its one in the grounds of the local hospital so while Im there,I will take some more childrens books that Ive sorted out and share them around the hospital waiting rooms.It gives little ones something to look at while waiting for appointments.It looks a lovely area where you live.Its a shame if that area of green is made into a housing estate.Thats whats happened where I live.What used to be fields at the top of the road,is now half filled with houses and the building work still in progress.I cant moan to much though because my Grandson works there!!.It seems as though all of the green areas,within a 5 mile radius is is being used for houses now.xx

  3. hi ilona mayze and heidi love your photos this time of year is so colourful trees skies etc. enjoy your blog so informative and recycling is great. have tried out a few frugal recipes which are quite tasty and helps cover the cost of energy heat etc, our heating is so expensive these days. amy and benny snoozing after their lunch benny has taken over my new disabled chair which was to alleviate back pain due to disc problems but never mind he can stay there for now ill use my old chair. hope you are well and mayze and heidi. have a good weekend. love liz amy and

  4. Hope that you are ok Ilona?,xx

    1. Ha!!,Ive just logged back in and there you are!!,xx


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