Monday, 25 February 2019

A quick one.

Just a quick one tonight. I did a belting trucking talk for the Probus club this morning. Put my heart and soul into it and it went down very well. Only 12 people present, all paying attention, and having a chuckle. I haven't done a trucking talk for several years, but it's funny how it all came back to me once I got going.

This afternoon I took Heidi for a check up at the vet. She had a blood test which showed normal. Her condition has stabilized and we can reduce her tablets dosage to one every other day. So that's good news. The cats are loving this warm weather, spending a lot of time outside.

That's all, off to bed now. Toodle pip.


  1. I belong to the Probes club here in Toronto - they always have an interesting speaker at the monthly meetings. I bet they really enjoyed you.

  2. Thats great news about Heidi!.Its lovely when you can come back from the vets with things looking positive!.Also pleased that your trucking talk went well.It was a beautiful day here in Leicester yesterday,after a very frosty start.All the cars were frozen up at 7 am.But we took my Daughters 2 Labradors to the park in the afternoon and the sun was beaming down!.Its my Hubbys 70th birthday today,so we are meeting Family down a local pub and going out for a meal this afternoon.This warm weather certainly makes you feel more like getting outside,even if its just in the garden for an hour.Im too scared to start on any planting yet though,just in case it doesnt last.I will look at doing that in another month or so.xx

  3. Great news about Heidi 🐾 We've just had a four-paws tragedy so it is always good to read when something is going well. x


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