Thursday, 14 March 2019

Open Exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery.

I had a day out in Hull today, I wanted to see the Open Exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery, before it closes next month. You may remember I entered three pictures in this last year but didn't get accepted. I didn't  apply this year. 
It was rip roaring windy today, and the bus battled it's way over the Humber Bridge. It was rattling and knocking, and there was a massive bang which appeared to come from the back end. It sounded just like a tyre blowing. That happened to me once when I was driving a coach over the Thelwall Viaduct in the third lane of the M6, at 70mph. Luckily it was a back tyre, not a front one. Today it wasn't a tyre, I don't know what caused the bang. 
I see they have modified the bus route slightly since I last traveled on the 350 from Scunthorpe. There is a new shorter cut into the Paragon Bus Station, entering it from the back instead of getting stuck in traffic going round the front of the railway station. Same coming out, much better. 
I took quite a few pictures of the artworks. Mostly I was interested in the textile pictures, but some of the paintings were also stunning. I'll divide them up into separate posts, too many to put them all together. 
This is a quilt, about the size of a toddlers cot. Very small pieces, with hand stitching embellishments. A lot of metalic threads were used. 

The green cords are couched on with very small neat stitches.

I bet you can't guess what this picture is made with. They look like small tiles, until you get closer.

Feathers, cut into tiny squares and stuck on with glue.

These are long pieces of calico, strips torn off a larger piece, and stretched out between two pieces of wood at each end and secured to the wall.

On closer inspection they have small pictures painted on and stitched over with free motions machine stitching. The odd thing is all the threads have been left loose to hang down. I couldn't leave my work like that, I would have to tidy up and trim them.

How to turn an ironing board into an artwork. Paint a body with a colourful costume on a piece of board and screw it on.

A small painting with lots of texture, on a piece of broken pallet board.

Couldn't quite work this out. It looks like layered papier mache with plaster added to it, to give it thickness and strength, then painted and glazed.
A woven wall hanging. I like the wavy lines.

I didn't buy a brochure for £2.50 so I can't give you any artists names or prices. I did see a lot of little red dots however, so quite a lot have sold.

I'll put some more pics on tomorrow.  ilona


  1. Wow, how fabulous some of the art/textile work looks! When I was reading your intro, I thought I would skip the photos because I am not all that perky about art...but gees, what an inspiring group of photos. Now I see why you care about this! Thanks for posting. I loved the Geronimo made of feathers the most, I assume it was Geronimo, then again, I live in Arizona so might see Indians in most artwork ;)

    1. I am finding myself more drawn into art, because the creativity aspect of it has no boundaries, anything is possible. The feather made Indian is astounding. Stand back off it and and the fuzziness disappears. The use of feathers is ingenious.

  2. I recognise the picture done with feathers - Geronimo! The feathers are quite appropriate, don't you think? Although I have seen lots of pictures of Geronimo I have never seen him wearing or adorned with feathers.

    1. Yes, the feathers suit it perfectly. A brilliant idea.

  3. What talented people! I find the feather one especially intriguing. Sounds as though you had a lovely day - looking forward to more photos.

  4. I love love love the pictures. What creativity. I would never have thought of putting those things together and the patience that some of them took. Probably all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My 2 favourites are the calico strips with tiny pictures on and the broken pallet board painting.It looks an interesting exhibition!.Just the sort of place I would love to have a slow walk round.Its really windy here in Leicester today,but I dont mind because Im off on my 4 day break to Brighton in an hour.I am so looking forward to it!!,xx

  6. Pleased you had a lovely day and so glad you were not hurt. A very good selection of art and I am sure your work is has good as the exhibition. My favourite was the wall hanging.
    Hazel c uk

  7. Brilliant works, even a portrait made with feathers. I hope you enter next year, your work is just as good.

  8. Thanks for the preview Ilona - I'll be visiting Ferens on Monday after my dentist appointment. I missed seeing the knife angel; I thought we had it for another 2-3 weeks and was going to see it on Monday. Hull Truck are giving away free tickets to anybody who has not been before, credit cards are not on their system and live within an hours travel distance, so you may qualify? We are going for our tickets on Tuesday and 4-5 shows to choose from.

    1. Yes, I missed the Knife Angel, didn't get organized in time. From the pictures I didn't like the face of it. I think of angels as being beautiful, this one had quite harsh features.

      Thanks for mentioning the Hull Truck offer. I will check it out. I picked up a few brochures from Ferens, something to read on the bud home, ha ha. I noticed that Hull Truck are hosting a TedX talks session, six hours. I would like to go to that.

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