Saturday, 13 April 2019

The beautiful, and the ugly.

I opened up the summer house and got the dyson in there to give it a good clean, and put the cushions on the chair.  
It was a nice sunny day when I set off this afternoon, but boy was it cold and windy. I was freezing cold when I got back from my five mile local walk. 

Nice countryside, then this. The pile of rubbish looked like it has been there for some time. I'll report this to the council, maybe they will come with a lorry and pick it all up.

I was so cold when I got back, I put the heating on. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. So sad about the rubbish. I hate the way people do this to the countryside. Beautiful blossom.

  2. The blackthorn ? Looks beautiful. Such a shame about the litter.
    Hazel c uk

  3. We had the first day of what actually felt like Spring today - beautiful sunshine, a breeze rather than a bitterly cold wind, and 12C - everyone was out walking and enjoying the day and people were actually smiling!
    Back to 4C and rain tomorrow but at least I got some Vitamin D today!
    Hope you are warmed up and comfortable!

  4. We live in a semi rural area in southern Victoria Australia and people dump on our quiet back roads despite an excellent garbage pick up system.Selfish people all over the world!!

  5. This sort of thing makes me so angry.What is going through their minds when they do this?.If they think this is acceptable,it makes you wonder what else they are capable of.Im not to far from the countryside where I live,but there is a certain part that is always like this for weeks on end.Then it gets cleared and then it starts again!..Well,I hope that the sun is shining for every one today.Here in Leicester it is lovely.I bet that you are looking forward to having a few hours in your sun house with a nice cup of coffee!.My day is going to be garden based today although Im still worried about putting my plants out because in the last week we have still had frost on the cars at 6am.The onions I planted a couple of weeks ago seem ok,so I will put a couple more in and keep my fingers crossed!.I took 11 books to the book swap stall yesterday and only brought one back,but my house doesnt look any clearer,lol.Anyway,the kettle is whistling so Im going to have my coffee and sit in the sun!xx

  6. terrible - what are people thinking when they dump stuff like that? I do appreciate that the cost of getting the council to take heavy items away is expensive, but there are always ways to cut the cost by getting friends to help or getting a group together to share the cost of a skip hire. very selfish.

  7. If the rubbish is on private property it is the responsibility of the land owner

  8. This is appalling but if you think this amount of rubish is bad, do a little research into tip truck loads of commercial building rubish that is being taken from London building sites by pro companies and dumping by big tip trucks on rural land without permission is then the farmers responsibility and cost to remove it.

    1. Thank you for highlighting that problem. I only report on what I see.


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