Friday, 24 May 2019

Art in St Ives.

I'll slot these few pictures in here as they are relevant to the previous post. St Ives is an arty place, which was one of the reasons that prompted me to go there. The Tate Gallery had little to interest me, I like art which has some degree of skill in the making of it. I liked this picture of the Owl and the Pussycat, painted on hinged boards. It was fastened to the wall so I don't know what it looks like with the doors closed. 
Then I found a gallery where I liked most of the work on display. It was a little bit late in the day and the ladies were preparing to shut up shop and go home. Luckily they did not hurry me and I was able to have a few minutes looking around. The work was by a group of artists who show their art in different places, a bit like a touring exhibition.

I got chatting to Beverley, she makes textile art out of rubbish, so I immediately felt a rapport with her. It was so nice to find someone with similar tastes in art.

I liked this painting of St Michael's Mount. It's in a folk art style which I love.

This is one of Beverley's creations, isn't it fabulous. The box frame is an old one she has had for ages, and decided to do something with it, so she painted it and stuffed it with all kinds or arty and crafty miniatures, using up lots of bits and pieces. That's a really good idea.

This dress took a few years to make, not one of Beverley's. It has been blitzed with machine and hand embroidery. Stunningly beautiful.

This is Beverley's work. An old canvas painted over, with bits and pieces painted and stuck on. I like the use of bold colours.

A random application of paint and small shapes arranged in an interesting design.

I hope this has been of interest to all you arty people out there. More about walking in Cornwall in the next post. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. I think I would love this place. I can feel a lot of art coming this way from MeanQueen, lol

  2. Hilde in Germany24 May 2019 at 12:45

    So creative and colourful! I think art should be uplifting, not depressing like it often is today.

  3. I think your art could certainly stand up with (not to) Beverly's. Very nice pieces.

  4. Beverlys box looks like a letterpress box, that they used to keep all the lead type in for printing. I love the owl and the pussycat pictures.

  5. The dress is completely to my personal taste. Stunning.

  6. Just love the picture of St Michael's Mount.
    We have been gone on holiday in AK so just getting caught up. I am so glad that you decided to take a B'day trip to Cornwall.

  7. I need and want that dress in my life!!!.There are some lovely pieces there Ilona.Thanks for sharing them with us.xx

  8. Hello from Southern California! I've been missing in action for a while (took a break) but back to blogging now, and it's nice to come visiting here to see your walks and adventures again.

    Yes, these are not boring pieces of art! Wonderful colors, and that dress is amazing.


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