Sunday, 12 May 2019

Making a picture with scraps.

I went to Jaylaurs Sewing Studio and Shop today to do a workshop. It started at 10am, finished at 4.30pm, and a very nice lunch was served. Four of the ladies made cushion covers, and two of us did landscape pictures. Had a lovely time, nice company, and played with fabric. 
My sky and sea have merged into one. The horizon is not very obvious. This was the first one I did.

I went a bit crazy with the colours on the second one. Red sky and blue sea.

Or is it blue sky and red sea? Can't decide which way up works best. I think I might add some embroidery to them, they are a bit boring. They gave us picture mounts so I might frame them.

When I got back I got the lawn mower out and cut both lawns front and back. I didn't need a dinner tonight because I had scoffed quite a lot during the day, so I just had a sandwich. Tonight I did a litter pick while I did my walk. Now I'm a bit whacked, ready for bed soon. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. Fields of flowers and skies of blue?

  2. What a lovely day you gad and all the pieces were lively. Yours looked really good and it looks so much difference with a frame. I can imagine you must have been tired.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Congratulations,very interesting picture,it depends what you want to see.This picture is like famous picture psychologist Freud

  4. You certainly know how to fill a day up!.I like the first one best because it struck me straight away.I can see that you are standing on a sand dune,looking out to sea and the horizon is where the point of the other side of the bay is {the yellow material}...thats what I see anyway!!.Maybe,its because I love sea views!..Well,its a lovely start to the day here in Leicester,although a bit cool,the sun is beaming down.I want to get a bit motivated today,lol,by cleaning the hallway and kitchen floor.Im down to 3 cleaning products in my house now.Washing up liquid,laundry gel..only the £1 stuff and bleach.Ive even been trying washing up liquid for washing clothes and it works just as good!I dont have a tumble dryer,I just line dry,so the clothes smell lovely and fresh when I bring them in anyway.My material stash has gone right down now.My only 2 big pieces are 2 sets of 60s curtains,which I hope I can get round to making a couple of summer dresses out of.Well,Im off to do my first mucky job of the day,by cleaning the cat litter trays out...its all very rock n roll here you know,lol.Hope you have a lovely day,xx

  5. Such a talent. I love your art. You can see your moods in them. Wonderful stuff. x


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