Thursday, 30 May 2019

That scrubbed up well.

I don't know about de cluttering, I seem to be accumulating clutter. I have recently been helping with a house clearance, and I have salvaged what I could. It will be sold for the cat rescue, and given to charity shops.  My summer house is being used for storage at the moment. This is only a fraction of what was there, sadly a lot of other stuff has had to be sent to the dump. Now I have the task of picking through this, cleaning it, washing it, checking it for damage, and bagging and boxing it up.

 This baking tray is heavy and large, it was mucky. Here's a tip. I got most of the gunge off with a scouring pad and hot soapy water. There were still some baked on and burnt whatever it was they last had in it. I know what will shift it, I thought. I went in the shed and brought out a piece of sandpaper. It worked a treat, now it's all clean and shiny. It has a date on the bottom, 1985, a company in Wolverhampton made it.

When I first saw it I thought it was maybe only fit for use in the garden, but no, it can now be used in the kitchen. Give the sandpaper method a try if you have any burnt pans or bakeware. Make sure it's stainless steel though.

Advance notice, it's the 1st of June on Saturday, time for the International Walking Group check in. If you are doing the 1000 miles the target is 420 miles. How are you doing? With the extra miles I have done this month, I have made it. One more day to top up your total. Everyone out for a long walk tomorrow. 

Still more holiday pics to post, and more Trucking Life videos. 
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. It must be hard work clearing a house out and I bet Joyces relatives were so pleased that you were there to help and rescue alot of her things.I really hope that you make alot of money for the cat stall.You deserve to after all your hard work!.Thanks for the tip about the sandpaper on pots and pans.Id have never have thought of that!.A couple of weeks ago,when I rescued some stuff from my neighbours house,I was given a huge roll of sandpaper.As I have a frying pan that is clean in the middle but all burnt around the outside,lol,Im going to give this a try!.Hopefully,that will save me from buying another one!,xx

  2. I’m curious about the firm that made your pan - I wonder how old it is . What was their name - there was a big steel industry in the Midlands.

    1. I was curious as well so I googled it.
      SJ & E Fellows Ltd.
      Started in 1895.

  3. I was interested too, Wolverhampton is my home town. Thanks for checking it.


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