Saturday, 1 June 2019

My Trucking Life. Part 8.

Hello, the second post of the day, and guess what, it's TRUCKING TIME AGAIN. YAY, I bet you are all excited. It's a bit longer than the others, such a lot to tell. Back on the lorry driving with this one. Still more to come, I'm on a roll now, ha ha. This covers three years on Leicester Heavy Haulage.

A few of the walkers have checked in on the previous post. You can go back to it at any time. It's the weekend so I suppose you are all out enjoying yourself.

Toodle pip. ilona


  1. Thank you Ilona inspirational and fascinating.The male driver you mention was probably jealous of your determination and experience. I hope you can get my trucking life made into a DVD. I am hoping for a job interview next week. I have felt a real lack of confidence lately but you have taught me to have a new attitude and I thank you for sharing your experiences.Most interesting.

  2. Ive just watched it all and again enjoyed every second of it!.There cant be many roads left in the UK that you havent traveled at some point in your life!.It does look very hard work though and the farting couldnt have made it any easier,lol.I noticed on one of your photo cuttings that you was travelling from that the one in Derbyshire?.That name brought a memory back from when I was about 9 and there was a man there,who made sticks of rock, called The Tommy Dodd man.My Dad sent him a letter and he sent me some rock,in the post the next day!.What a nice man!!.Sorry to hear that a guy disrespected you though..he must have felt so intimidated by a woman,who was as feisty and so good at her job!.So he had to cover this in the only way he being disrespectful!!.Looking forward to your next video,xx

  3. I think this one is the best yet Ilona. Some of those loads you have transported are astonishing. Sorry to hear about the insecure dinosaur who couldn't handle the fact that a woman was better at the job than he was! Still, as you say, his problem. Look forward to the next.

  4. This video was absolutely fascinating, you hauled such a wide variety of things, even train cars. My sister and her husband were cross country team drivers in the USA until their retirement so trucking interests me. Your videos are engaging.

  5. I'm really enjoying these videos,I think this is my favourite up to now !!!


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