Monday, 22 July 2019

Weaving with Lana

I've just come across this artist who makes incredible woven pictures and wall hangings. She takes weaving to a whole new level, adding stitching to make a beautiful tapestry. This video shows a very simple creation that anyone can make. If you can't speak Spanish you can turn the sound off for this. It's easy to follow by just watching.

Then when you have mastered the first one there are many more to try.

Have fun.  Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Loved this video on weaving some years ago i made a weaved bag with handles it was so lovely. Weaving is one of my favourite hobbies, crochet and patchwork. Thank you Ilona for this lovely video. Amy and Benny in a lot but also enjoying the sunshine under the chairs which i cover so they dont suffer too much with these very high temperatures. Loads of water too. Hope you have a lovely day.xxxxx To you and your beautiful fur babies.xxxxxx Liz Amy and Benny.

  2. Interesting to watch.She makes it look so simple!.I would have given up at trying to make the frame,lol.xx


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