Saturday, 19 October 2019

Gut instincts.

Hello, I am bizzzeeeeee, so a short and sweet one. This was included in my last yellow sticker shop. I quite like it, I've had it before, but only on a YS. It is normally priced at £1.50, with 50% off it's worth having at 75p. Ingredients, mung bean sprouts, lentil crimson sprouts, aduki bean sprouts, and chickpea sprouts. It took me five days to eat it, a portion added to every meal.

I don't normally like anything that is going to take ages to break down in my mouth, but my teeth coped with this. I eat very slowly anyway. Slightly crunchy, and tasty.

I am making more dangly decs which are now called mini lanterns. Every one is different, will stop when I get fed up and move on to something else. Also waiting to be done are more shopping bags, small fabric gift bags, and some dog duvets. I'd better get on then.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I like those sprouted seeds in a sandwich with egg or grated cheese...

    1. That's a good idea, never thought of that. I'll try it when I next get some more.

  2. I used to sprout various beans and lentils in one of those sprouting layer things but can't be bothered now.I wish I could concentrate to do crafts like you do Ilona-I keep starting to do some pickle onions today but keep wandering off x

  3. Another thing I havent tried yet!Ive not seen these in Aldi so Im thinking you maybe get them at Tesco?.I will have a look this week when I go up there,I need to stock up on their Stockwell T bags and gravy mix.Ive had a good week for freebies.Me and my Mam went for the free meal and drink for 2 that we won on the Rainbows raffle.It was lovely!.Then Friday I got through the post a free voucher for 240 pack of PG Tips t bags.That must be off one of the freebie sites that I look through!.Then today Ive been given a winters skirt,found 10p in the street and been given an Indian curry from the neighbours in the close.Next week Im going to try making some of your lanterns and embroider the grandkids names on 3 of them.I know they are grown up now,but Im sure they will love them just the same!xx

  4. I love the mini lanterns. You have given me all sorts of ideas for decorating a small weeping cherry we have in our front garden. xx

  5. Oh they look good. Must look out for them in the shops.


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