Monday, 10 August 2020

I missed a turn. Lost in Derbyshire.

Part two. I was on the Limestone Way, gone through Ible, and the Bonsall Mines, now disused. That was interesting, remnants of slag heaps, holes in the ground, all reclaimed by nature. The path goes right through it, careful not to fall down a mine shaft, some of them were blocked off with railway sleepers. 
And a lovely view came into sight. I had missed a turn and went down the wrong path, wasn't sure where I was for a while, but kept going. Then I saw this village, best go and have a look. 
Cottages with flowers and garden ornaments. There was a bench opposite the Chapel, so I sat and had a bite to eat. 

The village is on a very steep hill.

I came across an elderly gentleman sitting in his gorgeous summer house, watching the world go by. I waved, he waved, what a lovely flower display.
It was a steep climb out of the village. Upper Town Bonsall Dale was the name of it by the way, if you want to look for it on the map. I picked up the Limestone Way again towards Moorland Lane, and onto Bonsall Moor. The views were fantastic.

I'll finish this post now, time is getting on and my brain has gone to sleep. I will leave you on the Limestone Way heading towards Winster. More pictures tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. How lovely to come across a village and not have a clue where you are!.I would have gone down and had a look as well and I bet that fellow loved it when you waved to him!.You really do make the most of your car camping.I noticed that you had your recycled sun visor with you as well.I feel like I have had a break my self when I watch your videos!xx

  2. Bonsall is a lovely village with a couple of good old fashioned pubs, especially "The Barley Mow" Enjoy Derbyshire, you are pretty close to where I live.

    1. Yes, Bonsall is nice. I've been there before so didn't need to go this time.

  3. Such a beautiful place you and chosen this time the mans garden looked lovely, to woukd love of those ornaments in the garden. We had a storm yesterday but did not last long and i did not have to water the garden. Hazel c uk 🌈🌈🌈

  4. Lovely video and you sound as happy and relaxed as you obviously feel, Ilona xx

  5. What a picturesque village! How wonderful to just run into it by mistake. I bet the people just love living there. Enjoy your camping. My son who is in his 40s always loved camping, and everywhere we went, we would find him gone exploring. He was like our scout to tell us what is up ahead, ha ha.

  6. All of the photos were so beautiful! I feel like I am on vacation when you take us with you. Thank you for that, Ilona.

  7. So many lovely villages in England, why go to Benidorm when you have so much on your own doorstep, I miss gardens, here people don't seem to care about flowers in the front gardens ( Canada ) have a good day, sunny and hot here today.


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