Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Filling in the gaps.

 I am very tired, so here is a brief summary of what I did today. I did a bit more on this art project, added two strips of fabric in between the wool. 

I took my car to the garage for it's MOT test. It passed, I would have been very surprised if it hadn't. It's a good one. 

I wrote two cheques to send to two charities that I support, then I went to the Post Office in the church and posted them. 

I took a book back to the mobile library. It was ok, nothing to rave about. Stan had three more books for me in a brown carrier bag. I wasn't expecting any, I hadn't asked for any. They get them ready in the main library anyway, just in case I turn up at the van. If I don't go for a few weeks the books would be going backwards and forwards, until I did go. 

My utilities company asked for meter readings, so I read them and added them to my page on their web site. Ebico, a part of Robin Hood Energy,  has sold out to British Gas. This will be the last bill I get from them. BG has emailed me to say I will be on the same tariff. 

I found some green bias binding in a drawer, so I started to make more bunting. I need to make four more flags, I wasn't sure how many it needed. I will finish it tomorrow. 

I forgot to put the bin out tonight, I'll do it in the morning. I have only got one bag of rubbish, I will drop that in my neighbours bin. He is away tonight, so I will put his bin out instead of mine. 

Now it's bed time. Goodnight, and Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. You had a productive day, what with car MOT, art works, visit to the mobile library, etc. My older son works from his home, and he suggested we take Bounce on a walk around a small local lake, so he will be here in half an hour. In the morning my book club met on Zoom. It is good to keep up activities in these difficult times.

    1. Make the most of all the time we have. A walk round a lake sounds lovely.

  2. That is beautiful work..and a productive day done too

  3. I like your flag. Hope your day goes well. Why do you put your garbage in your neighbor's cart? We get charged no matter what we put in there per month. Phil had to get his car fixed last week and it cost more than I thought. At least we had the money to pay for it. Then he had to go get the battery replaced on Sat. at a tire shop in town. One more bill to pay. But it's all good for now and thankful we are good and he's still working. I'm not working but still on workers comp, which will be here for a bit longer.

    1. Hello. Good question. We are two single people, neither of us has much rubbish, he is away a lot of the time. We put bins out on the front for collection on a Wednesday. The lorry comes along and the bins are lifted and tipped into the back of it. I am trying to be kind to the workers by giving them one less bin to tip up. They have a lot of ground to cover, out every day hundreds of bins to empty. Why not make the job easier for them. A few less bins and they might finish half an hour earlier.


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