R Aug - 10th Oct 2021

 I am starting this new Research page because the original one is getting very slow to load as it is so big. It will stay there as many people will want to catch up, and use it for reference. I am finding more information as more and more people are waking up. They are now speaking out, some for the first time, adding to those who have been vocal right from the beginning. The accusations of conspiracy theorist are no longer valid as the truth is starting to come to the surface. The Governments of the world, under instructions from higher up, and with the co operation of the main stream media, continue to push their agenda. Many of us now know that their agenda is false, and they are the conspirators, and it's not a theory, it's real. Some of the people speaking out now are experts in their field, they have done their own research. They will however still be rubbished by those that dutifully follow what they are told. As before, there will be no comments on this page. I don't have the time to respond to them and I don't want it to end up in a verbal punch up. This is for reference.

10th October 2021

This is the last entry I am going to post on here. I started it as a one year project, reporting and adding links to what I have read and seen on the internet, about the current situation. In the beginning there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty. I needed to know what was going on, and so did a lot of other people. There were many unanswered questions. Are we all going to catch the virus and die? Where did the virus come from? Should we be following Government rules and instructions to the letter? When will we get back to normal? What does the new normal look like? 

That was the beginning. Now it has moved on to climate change and more questions. Is the world warming up? Will we all get swallowed up by floods and fire? Next will be how will artificial intelligence be a part of our lives? What is the time scale that all these changes will come about? Followed by what will happen when digital currency takes over from cash? Who is going to pay for all these changes? We are still part way through this journey, it is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

My take on it. We are not all going to catch the virus and die. We still don't know where the virus came from although we have a good idea. A lot of Government rules are not law, so decide for yourself which you want to follow. We will not go back to the old normal. Massive damage has been done by the way Governments throughout the world have dealt with it. This will take a long time to repair. The Climate Change argument will run and run, as it has been for many years. Artificial intelligence is already on the way to becoming part of the new normal. At the moment it seems unstoppable.  

The virus was a way of getting people to comply with orders. There was a virus, still is, but it was massively beefed up by all Governments to scare people into submission, and it worked. Those people are still going along with it, the fear is well entrenched now into their lives. Now is the push for the whole world to get a needle stuck in their arm, not just once or twice, but multiple times. Fear will keep Big Pharma happy as the billions come rolling in. 

Once people are hooked into the system they will find it hard to get out. Passports needed for a lot of activities and events. They use the term, 'don't miss out', frequently, forgetting that the whole reason for getting jabbbied is to protect them from catching a deadly virus that they might die of. Now they are going after the children. Remember how we were urged to catch illnesses as children, to build up our immunity? Now they lock people up which means there is no chance of building up an immunity. 

I hope you all have some knowledge of the World Economic Forum, and The Great Reset. Remember how it was called a conspiracy theory, and people took notice of it were called names. Well I think those theorists will have the last word. It is now evident that it is not a theory, it is coming true. Details are not hidden in some dark hole, they are out there for all the world to see, you just need to know where to look. It's no secret. Klaus Schwab said, 'you will own nothing and be happy'.  Digital currency will come in, digital passports will be on your phone detailing your every movement, and every transaction. It will infiltrate every part of your lives. I don't think that people realise just how much their lives are going to change. Fuel shortages, food shortages, and housing shortages, will all be controlled. People kept on low wages and given an allowance. No incentive to work. The next stage will be the collapse of world banks. All very bleak. 

To sum up. I will not add any more to this page, because the evidence is already out there. I am only repeating what is already known. look closely at Australia, Canada, France, and Israel. Watch what is happening there. Demonstrations and riots are already happening because people have had enough. Thankfully people are waking up. 

I want to move on. You do the research. I want you dear reader to take control over your own lives. Do not be afraid, stride forward with a sense of determination, that you will do the best you can for yourself. And I will do the same, as I have always done.    ilona   

10th October 2021

Twiiiterata only allows a certain amount of words that people can type into one tweeeet. People get round this by doing multiple tweeeets to follow each other. These can be difficult to follow, so there is a site called Thread Reader where they condense it down, cutting out all the irrelevant stuff. Makes it much easier to read. A blog reader sent me a link to this thread. It's about how the citizens of Lithuania are now subject to Marshall Law with a coa vid pass being their documents to get into places and lead a normal life. Read what Glubocco has to say about it.  You think it won't happen here, then think again. 

My wife and I have been suspended without pay for 4 weeks.
We can't return to our jobs. No Pass, no job. We're not allowed to buy food in the local supermarket. We went to the dentist we've attended for years for an appointment for one of my children, but had to leave because I don't have a Pass. That’s not health; it’s control and power.

10th October 2021

An article in the Telegraph blames kids for a new coa vid spike on children, for not getting the jibjabbb. Read the article here.  Dreadful fear-mongering, shaming and scapegoating.

9th October 2021

Every day more and more evidence of corruption comes to the surface. I only pass on a few links here. Most of what happens or is said will not impact on my life, but I feel compelled to speak out because so many people are blind to what is really going on. Trolls are monitoring this page. I get comments ridiculing me because they are from the other camp, they believe everything that the Government and main stream media put out. 

I spoke personally to a friend only yesterday to explain my reasoning behind my thoughts. I drew a blank. Someone who has not looked into it will be stuck in their own bubble for the rest of their life. They are contributing to the demise of their own freedom, and that of everyone else's. 

I sometimes think I will detach myself from all of this. Everyone has a choice at the moment, of which path to follow, but how long will that choice be available before it is taken away. Health passports are coming in, watch out Scotland and Wales. There are only so many more steps before it becomes full blown total control over every aspect of our lives. Those who readily roll their sleeves up and hand over their body to science are letting the rest of us down. Maybe I should shut up and let them. Maybe I should say go ahead. This coming winter may be the turning point for some of them. Just how long do they think they can maintain a full and productive life when they are pumped full of drugs, making billions more dollars for the drug peddlers. 

9th October 2021

A cop from Victoria NSW resigns on camera. This brave lady speaks out, we need more like her. She is an acting senior sergeant, or was. Full story here. There is a one and a half hour video on yoohootooob, of the full interview, which may be taken down so watch now. 

Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell is a sworn member of the Victoria Police in Australia. She has served Victorians for 16 years as a police officer including 6 years at Professional Standards Command

8th October 2021

Try this tweeting thread. Lots of vid clips on it. One of them is a ten year old warning. Jane Burgermeister had to endure a lot of pressure after exposing big pharma and Governments when they tried to pull off the same scam in 2009. 

7th October 2021

Bernie is a twiiiiterer. She throws out some interesting stuff. Here is an announcement from Mr T of Canada. Listen carefully to what he is saying. The world is being pushed in one direction. It will come to you at some point. Mandated jabberwockys and pssssports. Show us your papers. 

7th October 2021

A pfizzzer whistleblower is trying to get her message out there. People are re twitttering it but they at getting blocked by the twittering police. Here you can read her full statement. You decide if it is genuine or not. 

6th October 2021

Christian, the Ice Age Farmer, has another video out. The energy crisis becomes the food crisis. Watch it on yooohoootoob. This may be taken down, he has moved his videos over to Bitchute. 

The energy crisis is quickly becoming a food crisis: China's harvest is faltering without electricity. Dutch are unable to heat their greenhouses, which are empty and cold. The UK's meat production is curtailed by a lack of CO2. The world's food supply chains are deteriorating rapidly -- but the tide is turning! People are more receptive to creative ideas than ever -- build and invest in YOUR food production and local food systems NOW!

6th October 2021

Another one gets thrown out of his job for not participating in the experiment. It's happening, and will carry on happening. It's not about a v eye rus it's about control. Brave man for standing up for his principles. 

5th October 2021

This is important for those of you who travel to other countries, then come back into the UK. If you have been to a country on the red list, you have to isolate for ten days in a hotel and cover the cost yourself. That is not the case because it isn't law. It hasn't been passed as law. You can state that you will not be doing that on arrival back. This is how one man fought back and got his freedom. He read up on common law, and got a solicitor on the phone to guide him through it. People are frightened, that's how the police and customs are getting away with it. You have to stand your ground. I will not be going abroad, so I won't need this information, but I hope it helps somebody. 

This whole covid plandemic is an Act and not Law no matter what people tell you, by law they cannot enforce any rules and restrictions on to us, unless we agree to them. 

5th October 2021

Demonstration in NYC. Stop mandating the jabbberwotsit. Stop testing. 

Thousands of un jabbbd school employees are being placed on unpaid leave with plans for substitutes to stand in for them.

Vid on da tooob. 

4th October 2021 

Documentary made by Tim Gielen. Monopoly - Who owns the World? Who has created this situation? Why have they created it, and where is it going? 

4th October 2021

Another one who's life has been ruined by getting the jabberwocky. Dad of four now can't walk. Fox News. They keep coming. 

4th October 2021

Pandora Papers. An unprecedented leak exposes the inner workings of a shadow economy. Watch this short introduction to the ICIJ, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists' 2021 investigation the Pandora Papers reveals how the offshore money machine operates in every corner of the planet, including the world’s largest democracies.

Then go to their web site to pick up more stories. 

We keep going back over the same old ground, masks, jabs, the divisions between countries, and within countries. There are a lot bigger bigger issues which need exposing. Why are Governments systematically trashing their economies, and why is money being printed, which will render it useless? What are the new currencies? At what point will cash cease to exist? When will all transactions be only be possible digitally? Who is pulling the puppet strings? 

3rd October 2021

Quantas pilot Graham Hood speaks out against mandatory vakkkks, and he was fired. Now he is spreading the word, he has nothing left to lose. This is what must happen, more people need to step forward. 

3rd October 2021

Watch JP sears, he is a great micky taker. You have to wear a life jacket

3rd October 2021

I don't know who Jim is, his twiiiiiter profile says he is a screenwriter and a vegan. This thread came up on my screen. he speaks very eloquently about his feelings on the current situation. 

The idea that one must submit themselves to an injection against their will to meaningfully participate in society is diabolical. My hope is that once we get through this, there will be a positive shift in our collective consciousness but for now we must open our eyes and see what is in front of us.

1st October 2021

An article in the Daily Mail, paid for by the Government, telling young people they could miss out if they don't get the jab. They risk not being able to do the things they love to do. So, it's not about getting protection from a virus, it's about getting a vax/health passport. Are these young people given all the facts about the side effects that could disable them for life? I think not. 

1st October 2021

A link sent to me by a reader. 30 Facts you need to know. A cribsheet. I can't verify that this comes from a trusted source. I haven't time to investigate it, but most of it makes sense. Make up your own mind. 

1st October 2021

The link to this video was sent to me by a reader. I haven't had time to watch the whole thing, but Dr John Bergman knows his stuff, but keep in mind that he is promoting a business. He talks about detoxing from vaccines. 

1st October 2021

Gladys resigns. Good news for Australia I think. As reported in Sky News AU. 

Update on this. Clive Palmer said that she was being directed by lobbyists who had been paid 10's of millions of dollars by Astra Zeneca and Pfizer to drive policy. Watch the video. 

30th September 2021

Australia are set to announce 'no jab no pay' rules for health workers. Read about it here. News.co.au  It's coming. It's all about control.  

30th September 2021

Katie Hopkins has been vilified big time in the past for her extreme views, and not being afraid to say exactly what she thinks. She was sued for this by a food blogger, and lost, but now people recognise that what she says has an awful lot of common sense knitted into it. She is at the moment back in the USA on a speaking tour. Getting thrown out of Australia hasn't dampened her spirit at all. Watch this video when she speaks about the UK fuel shortage at the pumps. She is right once again. It is a manufactured crisis, and people are falling for it.   

28th September 2021

Justin Barrett is the leader of the Irish National Party. Here he chairs a questions and answers session. He talks about debt crisis, Brexit, and the Great Reset. He has a great understanding and insight on the world monetary system, and predicts that the future is bleak. USA is bankrupt, many countries are printing money, and the banks will collapse. I can feel the despair in his words, as he struggles with his emotions. But he is a fighter, and that's how we all must be. The first 20 minutes or so I found quite complicated, not being good with numbers, but it all unravels after that. Stick with it. He is a man passionate about his country, and his people.  

28th September 2021

More and more people are getting fired from their job because they refuse to be jabbed. This man has been a firefighter for fifteen years, now he has been thrown out. It is so very sad to see how they are destroying lives. The people who are pushing forward Globalisation and the Great Reset are truly evil. Those who are going along with getting jabbed are complicit in this tyranny. They are the problem. 

28th September 2021

This is just awful. Proof that getting jabbed is a cult. New York Governor Kathy Hochul goes on a religious rant. This woman is unhinged, in my opinion. On the twiitterara. 

28th September 2021

Brendon O'Neill is the editor of Spiked Online. In this interview with Talk Radio he says that he doesn't believe there is a climate emergency, and he explains why. 

Spiked Online editor Brendan O'Neill says climate activists have an exaggerated view of the world: "The language of emergency means you're not allowed to criticise this stuff."

27th September 2021

Pandemic news is shrinking and global warming news is increasing, just as the World Economic Forum predicts. They have whipped us up into a frenzy of compliance, now they want to frighten us with how the world is going to end. Part of that is about food shortages, and fuel shortages. You will see more news about extreme weather. There will be more floods, more hurricanes, more fires, more coastline erosion, more volcano eruptions, and of course more rampant viruses. Then you will see more solutions to tackle these catastrophes, all instigated by BIG TECH and BIG PHARMA. See where it's going? The big money corporations are pushing forward to control every aspect of our lives. 

The way I see it is to say no. Refuse to comply. More jabbing with an experimental drug will see a lot of people off. Shrink the population and that's some of the 'too many people' problem solved. Control people through their hand held gadgets, and they will be blinded by the fact that they can organise their whole life with the press of a few buttons. Make everything available without them having to move from their armchair. 

Take control of their bank accounts, how much electricity, gas, water, petrol, diesel they will be allowed to use. Remove the need for cash. Only the big corporations will survive. 

It is the dominating big corporations who have already, purposefully, created the problems we have now. These are not elected Governments, but self proclaimed cult leaders of the Great Reset. The richest people on earth. They have needed to get Governments on their side, to enable them to carry out their plan. It's easy to see which ones have fallen for it. 

Mr Justin of Canada is on a mission to crush small farmers, and turn his country into a desert. Take a look at this article from the Financial Times. Then take a look at this promoted tweeeeet from the FT Partner Content. Read the comments. People know what is going on.

It is exactly how agriculture should never be. No flowers, no polarization, no bees, no nothing, a great way of showing how no-brain agriculture is pushing us to extinction. 

You are revolutionising nothing. Looks like the agriculture that's killing us slowly and killing animals by the billions.

This is industrial production of grain at the level of the 1980s. The transformation of fertile land into savanne then desert. From which soil they want to harvest in 1000 years. Stupid and simple-minded     

26th September 2021

This is a video chat between Geert Vanden Bossch and Robert Malone. They call it Meeting of the Minds, it is almost two hours long. On yooohoootooob at the moment but it may be taken down. I hope they put it on other platforms. This is all about the science, how the jabs work, the differences between jabbed and unjabbed immunity. 

Tremendous privilege for me to host the first live discussion between two stalwarts in the COVID-19 pandemic. Both men have taken an ethical stand to focus on science and not be afraid to share their expertise.The world now stands at a crossroads again. Where do we plant our next step?
Geert Vanden Bossche - Expert vaccine developer (Belgium) 
Robert Malone MD - Inventor of mRNA vaccines (USA) 

My notes. 
The jabbed are creating the risk.
Unjabbed develop a broad based natural immunity.
Mass jabbing is the problem, not the individual who has been jabbed.
The jabbed have only a selective immune response.
The unjabbed have a broader immune response.
Unjabbed will be like a sponge, the new variants will not get through.
The jabbed will need top ups.
The vaxxxxine is enhancing replication of the virus. 

25th September 2021

Lithuania is the first European country to fully implement the covid pass. Is this the world you want for your children. By complying with these instructions you are enabling it to happen. The only way to beat this and retain our rightful freedoms is to say no. Walk away. The jabbed with their smartphone and paper passes are the problem.  Follow Abir Ballan on the twittterata.  

25th September 2021

Now if everyone stuck to their principles and stood up for freedom, Watch how this young lady chucks in her job. Very brave. 496,288 views on this video in ten days. 42K thumbs up. I bet many people would like to follow her example. Fight back people. Be true to yourself, don't become a puppet.    

25th September 2021

Some tweeeeets from Jay Battacharya.   Professor Stanford School of Medicine. MD, PhD. Health policy: infectious diseases, COVID, health economics. Scientific freedom.

Mortality from co - vid differs more than a thousand-fold between the old and young. Focused protection is the compassionate approach that balances COVID risks and collateral damage to public health.

Maryland, like California, barred public school doors. The result? Catastrophic learning loss now, and shorter, poorer, and less healthy lives to come for our kids. The lockdowners who supported this cruel policy should be ashamed.

NHS says that the backlog in cancer cases caused by lockdown will take a decade to clear. They are saying that countless people will die from late stage cancer that should have survived but for lockdown.

I receive emails from many brave people who tell me of persecution in their workplace for expressing reservations about nonsensical, useless COVID rules. I am grateful for the people who speak up anyway. I wish we lived in a society where this did not require bravery.

25th September 2021

Martin Kulldorff has tweeeeeeted about forced jabbbs will come with future consequences.    Professor Harvard Medical School. Disease surveillance methods. Infectious disease outbreaks. Vaccine safety.

"Forced [vaccine] compliance will come with future consequences. The ensuing anger, resentment and loss of trust forms a ticking time bomb waiting to go off."  

24th September 2021

Let's get this started again. Back to work. The fight for justice continues.   Frontline Doctors released this video in August. Watch and listen to Doctor Ryan Cole  speaking at a conference. The video is on BIT Chute

Here is a link to Americas Frontline Doctors Summit. 

I see they are pushing forward with jabbbbbs for children. Big mistake. Children should be out playing with other children, and catching the bug. Healthy children will recover, their natural immunity will be naturally boosted. No need for artificial intervention. 

23rd September. 2021

A brief note to say I am back. It was good to step away from this and take time out. Give me a day or two to restart this collection of links to news items not normally found on main stream media. 

12th September 2021

One more before I go. Read this tweeeeeter thread. It is very enlightening, and talks about the move from cash to digital currency. You need to know about this because it will affect your future. Now I am going.  

12th September 2021

Can I leave you to carry on with your own research for a short time. I have other things to to. Keep reading, keep watching, because things change almost daily. I'll be back on the case as soon as I can. Toodle pip. 

12th September 2021

Mark Passio hits the nail on the head with this short version of a longer speech. Made in 2015, it is even more relevant now as it was then. Watch this. 

Mark Passio explains how Following Orders means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is Right or Wrong. "I was just following orders" is NEVER a valid excuse or "justification" for immoral, criminal behavior, and this lame attempt to abdicate personal responsibility SHOULD NEVER BE ACCEPTED as a valid excuse for such behavior.

12th September 2021

A short video of someone confronting police officers about their brutality towards someone has not got a mask. I believe it happened in Portugal. English sub titles. I hope the link works. Copy and Paste


12th September 2021

Maureen Lipman has recently been on holiday to Malta. She describes in this article how difficult it is to travel abroad now with all the paperwork and checks needed. I have a feeling that restricting travel with confusing and changing rules is part of the plan. They don't want people to fly, climate change is the new virus. 

11th September 2021

Robert Peston is a well know journalist and TV presenter. He has just got through a bout of coa-vid despite him being doublejabbbbbed. He talks about it on the Tweeterattii. Lots of other tweeeters have joined in the conversation saying the same thing has happened to them. 

been double vaxxed I was surprised by what looks like high prevalence among the double vaxxed. And according to leading scientists at least part of the explanation is that “vaccine efficacy is not as good as we would like for the Delta variant”.

10th September 2021

This is just one example of how the Main Stream Media lie to push their agenda. A story about anti vaxxxxx posters with hidden razor blades behind them meant to injure anyone trying to remove them. It is not true and has been debunked by several people on the tweeeeterati. Here is a thread with the details.  Cardiff woman Layla Stokes is behind the scam. She has mental health issues if you want to read the full conversations. It's annoying that lies like this spread like wildfire, when the truth is supressed. 

9th September 2021

I have just clicked on this new video from Hugo Talks. An Australian minister is answering question at a press conference. She lets the words New World Order slip out. The expression on her face says everything. She didn't want to answer the question and she put her foot in it by saying the first thing that come into her head. Proof that this is no longer a conspiracy, it's out in the open now.  

9th September 2021

Did you know that having a PCR test for coa vid can be dangerous, even life threatening. This story tells of a man who had a persistent runny nos. He eventually had it checked out, and it was found to be caused by the swab being pushed so hard up his nose that it broke through the membrane which separates the brain from the nose. He had to have an operation to repair the damage. 

8th September 2021

This video made me cry. Julia Ponesse was sacked from her job yesterday because she refused to get the jabbberwocky. She is or should I say was, a Professor of Ethics at Huron College University of Western Ontario. Please listen to her story on Bitchute. After twenty years at the same job she has been dismissed. I will say this again, it's not about a virus, it's about control. This is going to happen everywhere in the world. 

7th September 2021

The Daily Mail is reporting on the death of Francis Mossman. He was 33 and a TV star in New Zealand. He wrote on his Instagram how he was struggling with lockdowns, and the sudden death of his dog. The newspaper appears to play down the fact that he had been double jaaaabed. It reports the cause of his death is unknown. Entries on the tweeeeeter sugest that there may be a link, but it is not being talked about. I can't say whether the link to his death is real or not, but it makes you wonder. One of the reasons why I decided not to go along with the crowd is because if I had, and then became ill after it, how would I know if the medication was the cause, or would I have become ill anyway? By not having it the question will not arise. Whatever happens to me in the future will not be down to some substance stuck into my arm. 

7th September 2021

These people are planning your future. Many still haven't woken up to this yet. Look how widespread it is, look who is involved, even our future king. All Governments are going along with this, they are the puppets and the main stream media are backing them up. The WEF have been planning this for a long time, even before the vyrus appeared. They see it as an opportunity to push things in one direction only, towards Globalisation. Look at the header on this site, rows of boxes, this is how they want people to live in the future. You can kiss goodbye to your leafy suburb. You have a choice, go along with it, or say no. 

7th September 2021

Some of you may have heard about Rockefeller's Operation Lockstep, a prediction made in 2010. Read this report and see how it all seems to be panning out. The similarities need explaining.  

 The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.

6th September 2021

This is how it should be. 

5th September 2021

This is becoming more frightening by the day. The Daily Mail is reporting on mandating jabbbys for health workers, so what will come next? Hospitality? Children jabbys, booster jabbbys. They are pushing it through. It is my guess that the plan is to destroy the NHS. Surprisingly the majority of the commenters are waking up, which is heartening. A lot of them know exactly where this is going, the word depopulation is used many times in 3.2k comments. A lot of green ticks are appearing. Quite a lot of commenters are still wondering why this is happening and haven't quite worked it out. They are still stuck in vyrussss stage, and need to move forward. Lets hope that they start waking up soon. 

4th September 2021

Neil Oliver from GB News speaks out against jabbing children. 

Neil Oliver: 'I have no inclination whatever to tell others what to do with their lives. I am, however, by nature, inclined to have real big problems with any elected official who feels empowered to tell me what to do with mine, far less with my kids.'

3rd December 2021

Another shout out for the Workers of England Union. If you find yourself being threatened by your employer to have the jabberwocky you can get the Union to help you fight for your rights. Godfrey Bloom explains. 

2nd December 2021

Watch Neil Oliver talk about madness. I think his observations are spot on. 

2nd September 2021

The latest article from Global Research. You might want to read the whole article. 

Fear and the perspective of a ban on societal life for the un-jabbbbed is the driving force to increase the level of jabbed people throughout the world to the highest level possible. Once that level has been reached, massive protests from people taking to the streets, won’t matter anymore.

2nd September 2021

Bob Fiddaman writes a blog, you may find it useful. He talks about informed consent. 

2nd September 2021

Thank you to a reader for sending me this link. Pressure is mounting for people working in certain sectors to get jabbed. They are being threatened with the sack if they refuse. They have to make a choice, lose their job or comply with the order. People may need some help with the legal side of things, can they sue for wrongful dismissal? The best people to answer that is a union. Here is a link to the Workers of England Union, there is something similar in Scotland and Wales. I have no experience of this union, so cannot say it will solve your problems, but it might help to talk to someone who can offer support. 

1st September 2021

Gillian Mckeith asks a question on the twiiiterattta. 

Why would bank reserves, military bases and certain embassy buildings be needed as collateral for something? Hmmmm.....

I found an interesting link among the replies. The Philosophical Salon, an article by Fabio Vighi, He is a Professor of critical theory at Cardiff University UK. The article, A Self Fulfilling Prophecy : Systematic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation. 

The article is about the connection between money and the banks, and how the whole scene has been played out up to now. I found the money side of it a bit hard going to read, some of it went right over my head. You might find it easier if you have a basic understanding of how big business and banking works. It's a long article, I stuck with it, and slowly it dawned on me what has been said in many places, Follow The Money. My view of this saying was rather simplistic. Big Pharma and Big Tech are out to destroy people's lives so that they can become richer. This is indeed the case but there are a lot more layers coming together. The Global economy is on the verge of collapse, people are panicking, money is being printed. The reason for lockdowns was to deliberately close small businesses so the big ones could prosper. The virus was a convenient excuse to do that. It was never about the virus. Read this article from start to finish. Towards the end it becomes clear. I can't see what an individual person can do about this, people in powerful places will make it happen. But by passing this information on it might help people to not be afraid of the virus. Yes, keep yourself safe by all means, but the way it has been peddled is that we are all responsible for each other, and we are not.  

31st August 2021

Doctor Vernon Coleman has a new video out on yooohoootooob. He has reinstated the comment section I am pleased to say. 

In this video, 'Apartheid, Ghetto or Enslavement', the international best-selling author and retired medical doctor, explains the choices we must make now that the future is on our doorstep.

31st August 2021

This is a very important video, it has been shared in several places where they don't ban people with information on the current situation. Dr Michael McDowell is the founding and Senior Pastor of Ralpha Revival Ministries, in North West Trinidad. You can read his credentials here

He was speaking at a Jabberwocky, you know what I mean,  Response News Conference in Trinidad and Tobago. He explains the covert agenda in the creation of the SarsCov2 pandemic. He is not the first one to express his fear for the future of humanity as we know it, and he won't be the last. The message is clear, it has serious implications. Those who have been following all this will be ready for it, those who choose to close their minds will have a big shock coming. This link is to Bitchute. If you gooooooglie his name it is on several other sites. Lots of other related videos on this site. 

31st August 2021. 

Andrew Bogut is an Australian athlete. He speaks out on instagraaaam about how he was offered money to promote lockdowns. He talks about how he refused, and gives his reasons. He stands by his principles, unlike some of the so called celebs who have sold their souls.  

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