Saturday, 10 January 2009

Breaking the ice.

Drastic measures to keep warm are needed today, it is very very cold, everything has a covering of white frost on it. I performed my morning ritual of breaking the ice on the frying pan I have on the lawn which serves as the bird bath, by banging it against the concrete line post. After re filling and scattering some bread around, I made a hasty retreat indoors. As the inside of my house isn't much warmer than the outside, I thought it would be a good idea to put another layer on, I put a body warmer over my three teeshirts and two sweatshirts, then I put my jacket over that. Time for a wooly hat as well, it really is cold.

When I am in the house I alternate between doing my craft work downstairs in the dining room, and on the computer upstairs in the office. I put the gas fire on for a short time, to take the chill off, then I made us all a hot water bottle each. Bugsy and Freddie have theirs under the duvet on my, or should I say our bed, while they sleep on the top, and Lilly has his under his duvet on the arm chair. I have mine on my belly stuffed down between my three pairs of jog bottoms.

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