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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Playing with plastic

Another miserable day outside, the frost has been replaced with a cold wind, so best to stay indoors. I have always got a couple of craft projects on the go, thinking of new ways to recycle my rubbish. I finished a bottle of shampoo, (it lasted eight months), and the plastic is a lovely shade of green, too nice to throw away. I came up with the idea of making a purse. I cut the top and bottom off with scissors, then cut it lengthways along two sides, then I cut it in half across the middle. I found a blue plastic lid from an old tin and cut two pieces for the ends, and also cut a simple flower for the decoration. I then heated a nail, holding it with a pair of pliers, on the gas cooker, and made the holes around the edges. I used silver coloured elastic to join the pieces together. This first prototype needs needs some experimenting with. There is too much give in the elastic, it maybe needs wool or thin cord instead, the plastic is possibly not rigid enough, might have to look at different materials, but hey, not bad for a first attempt. I have now got to pester my friends to save more plastic rubbish for me.

Radio 5 Live did a programme tonight on the credit crunch. They were talking about redundancies, job seeking, debt, and how to save money, I listened to see if they were going to play any of my money saving tips that I recorded for them. Lo and behold I heard myself telling the nation to shop in supermarkets only between 5pm and 9pm to get the best bargains, only have one light on at a time in the house, and don't buy fancy cleaning products, diluted washing up liquid will clean everything. Meanqueen has spoken.

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