Saturday, 17 January 2009

Skip diving.

It's a funny sort of day, started dull and wet, then it brightened up so I took myself off for a power walk. I call it a power walk because I like to stride off with a sense of purpose, to keep myself fit, although my pace is probably only slightly faster than a dog walk. I went up the lane to the water tower, then turned along the farm track through the fields. I was glad I had a hood on my jacket, the wind was bitingly cold. This sort of walk sets me up for the day, blows the cobwebs off.

I just can't walk past a skip without having a nosey in it. I was on my way to the shop and someone in the next street is having some building work done. I spotted some very usefull pieces of wood in it, so I walked down the drive to the house, and yelled through a half open window, can I have some wood. A man yelled back, yes, take anything you want out of the skip. Thanks mate!

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