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Thursday, 8 January 2009

My frugal haircut

It's six months since I last had a haircut and my fringe is starting to irritate me, falling into my eyes. I have been known to get a pair of scissors and hack it off myself, no, I don't literally hack, I try and copy what I have seen the hairdressers do, lift and trim. It means I can hang on a bit longer before I have to go and get the mess sorted out by a professional. Anyway, I decided to offer my head as a practice model to a student at the college, it's only £3 for a trim. The downside is that the process is painfully slow, and you have to stop yourself from taking the scissors and offering to help the girl out. I even went a bit mad and had a blow dry for an extra £1.50, a bit extravagant I thought. Thankfully you are not discharged before the handiwork is inspected by the teacher, so there's no chance of people in the street rolling around in fits of laughter.

I picked up a copy of the Scunthorpe Telegraph while I was out, my article is on page three. No, I am too old for the other page three so I have to make do with a local paper. The nearest you get to seeing my undies is me holding several pairs of my boys pants in the picture, and very soon the whole country will know about about my pants when the television programme is screened tomorrow night. You can see the article here.

I stopped off to have a chat with my friend Angela on the way home, showing her my new knitted bag, she was well impressed. We got to talking about money saving tips, and I was amazed that she is almost as frugal as me, she is into skip diving in a big way. She had a basket potted up with flowers and plants in it, with an M & S label on for £7.99. She lifted it out of a skip at the back of their shop, and was shocked to see that they had thrown away perfectly good food products because they were on the last date. Apparently they have a policy of not reducing the prices like the supermarkets do. I think that is scandalous. It has been on the news today that they are closing some shops because they are losing money, I'm not surprised when they are chucking perfectly good stuff in the bin.


  1. Professional haircuts are definitely not something I can give up for frugality. I like all the other moneysaving ideas though! :)

  2. Hi Dancewriter. Each to their own with money saving ideas, as long as my hair looks sort of tidy I'm happy. Ilona

  3. Just a heads up - taking things out of supermarket skips is actually illegal, and many supermarkets actually pour bleach all over everything in the bins to stop people taking it. Disgraceful, I know, but that is the world we live in :(


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