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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Radio Star

Well that was an early start to the day. I had to set my alarm for 6.30am, so I would have enough time to have a cup of coffee and wake myself up before BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester rang me. I picked up the station early on the iplayer, aren't computers wonderful, and listened in to get a taste of the theme of the programme. Five to Eight the phone rang and I was live on air. It was all about the TV programme I am on, on Friday night, Hunt for the Tightest Person in Britain. They asked me about wearing boys pants, which I do, because they last a lot longer than girls knickers, which stretch and fall apart after a few months. I love boys pants, they go on forever and so they are cost effective because they hardly ever need replacing. There wasn't much time for chatting. I told them how I wear more clothes inside the house than out, due to the lack of central heating, my choice I may add, and I put my widdle on the compost heap to cut down on wasting water on toilet flushing, don't think they were too impressed with that one. I could almost feel the cringe and a sharp intake of breath.

Even more excitement this afternoon, a phone call from a reporter at the Scunthorpe Telegraph. After half an hour of questions, he said he will send a photographer round, he wants to get the article in the paper for tomorrow. A very nice young lady came round with a very big and complicated looking camera, we had a lot of fun in the bedroom with toilet rolls and my pants, don't ask, it's all to do with the programme. Autograph anyone?

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