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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My latest creation

Here is my latest creation, and it didn't cost me a penny. I made this knitted shopping bag out of eleven plastic charity bags, cut into one inch strips. They leave them on your doorstep for a donation but fail to collect when you haven't put anything in them, so I found a use for them. The dimensions are 15" high, 10" wide, with a 4" wide gusset. The handles are made seperately, (3 stitches) and I fixed it all together using a rug pegger. I shall be taking it out on a trial shopping trip later this week, it should stand up to the job because it is pretty strong. Now, what am I going to make next?


  1. Excellent idea. I bet that will outlast all the "eco bags" on sale in the supermarkets.

  2. Thanks Kenners, The bag is great, people have commented on how they like it. My friend has given me a load more bags to use. When she got them out of her cupboard, she said 'I have been wondering what to do with all these.' My needles will be clicking now! Ilona


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