Saturday, 27 June 2009

Free magazines

Twas our village fete today on the green, literally two minutes from my house, very handy. It's only a small fete, because we are quite a small village, never the less, most people turn out for it. I went along wearing my teeshirt emblazoned with Lindsey Lodge Hospice Sleepwalk all over it, back and front, a good opportunity to sign up some sponsors for the walk I am doing on Friday night.
There is always a book stall there, and last year I found some crafting magazines for 5p each and bought ten. This year they had some more, but this time they were free, so I helped myself to ten, I didn't want to be greedy, so I left some for someone else. I was very pleased with my find, they have lots of craft ideas in them, and patterns to copy.

When I got home later, I found a carrier bag on my doorstep full of lots more magazines, how lovely, a very kind gesture indeed. I counted them, another sixty on top of the ten I already have. I am going to give some to my friend Becky as she is into crafting as well.


  1. You lucky devil, I always have my nose in a craft magazine. I have to say I have never seen or heard of the one in the picture though. Looks like you will be busy reading for the nezt few months :o)

  2. I am very jealous of your haul. In Canada it is very uncommon for us to get the Anna mags.


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