Friday, 3 July 2009

Home made banner

I've been busy making a banner out of the vinyl offcuts, for our stand at the show on Sunday. I did the letters on the computer, printed them and cut out templates. Then I found ten different colours for the ten letters in each word, and drew round them with a pencil. Cut those out with nail scissors, and put a backing onto each one with very strong, two sided tape, cutting it to fit the letters exactly. I found a piece of white vinyl just the right size, 5ft 2ins x 1ft 7ins, and hemmed the edges with the sewing machine to strengthen it. This is the finished banner. We don't need eyelets putting in because it is going to be attached to the front of the table. I'm very pleased with how it has turned out, it's very colourful, total cost, zilch.
Now I have got to get ready for the sponsored walk tonight. I hope to get an hours shut eye first because I will be walking 13 miles, starting at 10pm. So think of me when you are snuggled up under your duvet, I hope to be under mine at around 3am.

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  1. Welcome to "The Wonderful World of Night Shift" ;)


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