Thursday, 2 July 2009

Skip diving, I love it!

I have now got an excuse to rummage through other peoples rubbish, I have offered my services as a collector for the Scrapstore. It's great fun, Becky and I have been visiting businesses to ask if they have anything they are going to throw away, and could we please have it because we can recycle it and make something with it.

They have to pay for their rubbish to be taken away, so if we take what we want first it's better for them, less in landfill, and it gets reused for something else. People have been ever so accommodating to our request, they take us on a tour round the factory, show us how the raw materials are turned into the finished product, and we are able to identify any waste that might be usefull to us. Some people tell us they have nothing suitable, but when we look around we usually find something. It's all very interesting and a great excuse for being nosey and asking questions.

Today I was removing a lot of vinyl off cuts from a bin when the lorry turned up to empty it. The driver said, 'Carry on, I'll do next doors first', then he wheeled the other bin out. There was a lot of clean wood in it, so I said, 'Wait a minute, I want some of that as well'. He then proceeded to help me fill my car from both bins before he tipped them up into the lorry. It was so funny, and I was filthy with all the dust.

I think I have found my forte with this job, it's right up my street. Now I can put everything I learned from 'The Apprentice' into practice. How to get your foot in the door, how to talk people into helping us, and how to fill an estate car with all kinds of usefull scrap.


  1. I'm sitting here laughing at the mental picture I have. But I am so jealous, I wish I lived in England for many reasons, not least of which is to join you on your 'skip diving' adventures.
    I'm always so appalled at what useful items people will throw away. I've done a little 'dumpster diving' as it is called here in the States but it's ever so much more fun with another person.

  2. Yes, it is more fun with two of you. The first time I went to get the vinyl, Becky was with me. The chaps working inside were laughing their heads off as we squeeled with delight whenever we discovered a brightly coloured piece.

  3. Many years ago... my partner and I went out at midnight to take a carpet from a skip outside a house... of course if we had asked... I am sure that they would have said yes, but in those days, we thought it a bit shameful to want someone's throwaway stuff. How things change! And the carpet was a beautiful axminster... it lasted many years on my bedroom floor and the children called it the magic carpet because the patterns were so oriental looking. When we finally got rid of it... it went to a family member who was just setting up house... and then just two years ago, we got it back for my son's bedroom... I don't know how old it was when we got it from the skip but its been in my family 30 years now! Sorry for hi-jacking your blog! Keep up the good work!

  4. That's ok Jane, I love stories like yours a real inspiration. Just proves you don't have to spend mega pounds on new stuff, second, third, and even fourth hand is best.


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