Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The joke's on me

Well I always said I would never retire, as long as I can climb in and out of a cab with my zimmer frame, I would keep on trucking. I was up at 5am this morning, and started work at 7am. The motorhomes we took to Pickering on Tuesday all had to come back again, so it was two trips in the mini bus, one lot went to the Laceby depot near Grimsby, and the others went to the Colsterworth depot on the A1 near Grantham.

The sales team had a good weekend, they sold 20plus vans, amazing in this credit crunch when people are supposedly short of money. I think holidays in England are becoming more popular, and a motorhome would give you reasonably priced holidays for a good few years. Then you could sell the van when you have finished with it.

The guys I work with are a happy bunch, we always have a good crack, jokes are flying about thick and fast. Of course I join in with all this banter, I can't help it. They start it by teasing me, and I come back with a cheeky answer, then I get drawn into my story telling. At one point they were all doubled up with laughing and the driver nearly drove off the edge of the road he was laughing so much.

I admit I can get away with a lot more silly chat as I am the only female. It's great, they treat me as one of the boys. Nothing bothers me, they know I have an answer for everything, and will give as good as I get. I love it when I make people laugh. We got finished at 7pm, glad to get out of the mini bus and stretch my legs, I have been sitting down all day, not good for keeping up the fitness levels.

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